WeatherTalk: We are still waiting for the first 80-degree day

The average is May 5 in Fargo and May 8 in Grand Forks.

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FARGO — Here in the Red River Valley, we are still waiting for that first 80-degree day of the year. There have been chances. Fargo has had seven days in the 70s. The warmest was 75 on May 11. Grand Forks has been in the 70s four days, with the warmest of 73 May 11. The average first 80-degree day is May 5 in Fargo and May 8 in Grand Forks.

Of course, there is a lot of year-to-year variation. Last year, it happened in both cities May 1. The year before, it was May 27 for both cities, which shows it isn't all that weird to go into late May without any 80-degree weather up here. However, with cool weather expected after this week, there is a pretty good chance we'll still be waiting on 80-degree weather well into June this year. The latest first 80-degree day on record for both Fargo and Grand Forks is June 21, 1945.

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John Wheeler is Chief Meteorologist for WDAY, a position he has had since May of 1985. Wheeler grew up in the South, in Louisiana and Alabama, and cites his family's move to the Midwest as important to developing his fascination with weather and climate. Wheeler lived in Wisconsin and Iowa as a teenager. He attended Iowa State University and achieved a B.S. degree in Meteorology in 1984. Wheeler worked about a year at WOI-TV in central Iowa before moving to Fargo and WDAY..
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