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WeatherTalk: Only 2 places in the US have no winter at all

There is no record of frost in most of Hawaii and in the Florida Keys.

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There are two places in the United States which have no record of freezing temperatures, at least as far as recorded history is concerned. The first of these is Hawaii, with the exception of the higher elevations of the volcano tops, where frost and snow are actually quite common. Most locations in Hawaii are genuinely tropical and never experience frost. The temperature in Honolulu only rarely drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The other frost-free place in the United States is the central and southern parts of the Florida Keys. The all-time record low for Key West, Florida, is 41 degrees. The coldest it has been so far this winter is 60 degrees back on Nov. 28. Many people think of southern California as being frost-free, but all locations in southern California will, on rare occasions, experience a light frost.

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