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Election 2022 headlines
After heading to Rapid City for the debate, Gov. Kristi Noem left the state for a campaign event with gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in Arizona. The move drew criticism from some who pointed to Noem's implication in September that recovery from back surgery would curtail her ability to travel for several months.

Wholestone Farms backers say they have "an uphill battle" to defeat proposed ban on new slaughterhouses in the city. A ballot initiative brought by opponents to the plant will be decided in Nov. 8 election.
Among the coalition pushing for South Dakotans to support Amendment D is a group of community health centers, which are key sources of basic medical and dental services for low-income South Dakotans. However, opponents of the measure say the promises of the expansion don't align with reality.


Nearly eight in 10 registered voters (79.0%) who responded to the poll said that civility in America has gotten worse over the past five years.
Group backing Wholestone Farms' efforts to build pork processing plant plans to commit "resources" to the campaign. Sioux Falls Open for Business filed paperwork this week that allows them to spend money leading up to the November election. The group is supported by 16 agriculture and business organizations.
Democrats have accused Republicans at the state level of enacting policies to make it harder for racial minorities who tend to support Democratic candidates to cast ballots.
On the morning of Sept. 12, the governor announced she had surgery to address an injury that affected her lumbar spine. The recovery will greatly reduce her ability to travel for "several months," though she said she expects a full recovery.
After a viral incident in Sioux Falls where two women confronted Gov. Kristi Noem at a campaign event, the governor was in high spirits at a campaign stop at the first day of the South Dakota State Fair.
The regional business group's position is a win for Wholestone Farms, a farmer-owned coop developing a pork processing plant in northeast Sioux Falls. City residents will vote on the proposed ban Nov. 8.
I believe the country will survive nearly any president or member of Congress. I’m not sure we’ll make it if we start driving our election workers and officials from their duties.
“South Dakota is coming to our senses; we’re starting to see that this isn’t going to make us free and happy,” said Jim Kinyon, chairman of Protecting South Dakota's Kids, the only registered political committee to oppose IM 27.
The prominent businessman, and former lieutenant governor, says personal reasons led him to "revisit support" of a ballot issue to ban future slaughterhouses within Sioux Falls city limits.
The committee is made up of current and former sheriffs, deputies, state’s attorneys and directors of the DCI.
Expanding health insurance for low-income families is on the ballot in November. Measure would increase the maximum income to qualify to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. That portion of the population grew between 2018 and 2020.