South Central girls take golf title in Class B

RAPID CITY-- The South Central girls' golf team won the girls' state Class B golf tournament Tuesday at the Elks Club golf course in Rapid City. South Central shot a 268 on day one and a 291 on day two to claim the title with a total score of 559...

Caitlyn Mayer
(Kristina Barker/Rapid City Journal) South Central's Caitlyn Mayer watches her drive at Tuesday's State Class B girls' tournament at the Elks Golf Course on Tuesday in Rapid City.

RAPID CITY-- The South Central girls' golf team won the girls' state Class B golf tournament Tuesday at the Elks Club golf course in Rapid City.

South Central shot a 268 on day one and a 291 on day two to claim the title with a total score of 559.

"It feels really awesome to win," South Central golf coach Billie Jo Indahl said. "We won every tournament we were in this season, so winning the state title was really the icing on the cake. On the first day of play, we shot amazing and we had an 11 stroke lead after (Monday)."

Indahl said the team struggled on Tuesday and didn't shoot as well in the second round, but was still able to grab the win by six strokes.

"I think a little bit of nerves got the girls (Tuesday) but it was always a goal of ours to win state, and we were always in contention for the title. We were consistent all season and our scores were up there with the top scores in the state and I knew we had a chance."


Deuel finished in second place with a score of 565 and Sully Buttes rounded out the top three with a score of 567.

Scotland's score of 618 was good for eighth place, Platte-Geddes finished in 10th place with a score of 632 and Howard came in 13th place with a score of 655.

Kristen Shanahan led South Central in the individual standings. Her score of 174 was good for third place and Sydney Benter shot a 177 to come in eighth place. Teresa Opbroek shot a 208 for 49th and Caitlyn Mayer finished 54th overall with a 216.

Kellie Winckler of Andes Central came in seventh place with a score of 176, Taylor Anshutz of Gregory took fifth place with a score of 175 and Scotland's Maggie Fiscel took 11th place with a score of 181.

Shanahan and Anshutz also made the all-tournament team.

Class B Girls state golf tournament

Elks Golf Course

Monday and Tuesday in Rapid City


Team Results

1. South Central 559, 2. Deuel 565, 3. Sully Buttes 567, 4. Clark/Willow Lake 572, 5. Deubrook Area 573, 6. Irene-Wakonda 577, 7. Wall 602, 8. Scotland 618, 9. Garretson 622, 10. Platte-Geddes 632, 11. Herreid 641, 12. Lemmon 651, 13. Howard 655

Individual Results

173--Tara Nihart, James Valley Christian; 174--Shauni Schwartz, Herreid; Jordyn Jones, Sully Buttes; Kristen Shanahan; 175--Kali Trautman, Deuel; Taylor Anshutz, Gregory; 176--Kellie Winckler, Andes Central; 177--Sydney Benter, South Central; Autumn Schulz, Wall; 178--Chynna Stevens, Clark/Willow Lake; 181--Maggie Fiscel, Scotland; 182--Sydney Nielson, Irene-Wakonda; 184--Morgan Schwartz, Deubrook Area; 186--Shelby Friske, Castlewood; Shelby Bauer, Freeman; 188--Kayla Ovall, Deubrook Area; Madison Hand, Philip; 189--Stacey Hansen, Deuel; 190--Cassandra Artichoker, White River; 191--Molly Koisti, Hamlin; Melissa Hessman, Irene-Wakonda; Dana Kirby, Mcook/Montrose; 192--Jessica Johnson, Bison; Kendyll Jones, Sully Buttes; 193--Ashley Heupel, Clark/Willow Lake; Kelsey Dawson, Howard; 197--Katie Sackmann, Lemmon; 199--Jade Wolf, Chester; 200--Niki Nelson, Platte-Geddes; 201--Jenna Varilek, Clark/Willow Lake; Paige Heiberger, Deuel; Adrianna Weeldreyer, Newell; Nicole Moisman, Sully Buttes; 202--Celeste Bloch, Hamlin; Allison Sanner, Parker; Joslin Nelson, Platte-Geddes; 203--CeCe Gorder, Estelline; Alexa Dillon, Garretson; 204--Micaela Johnson, Bowdle; Catilyn Christianson, Deubrook; Area; Maggie Kribell, Irene-Wakonda; 205--Krista Winckler, Andes Central; Jenna Christianson, Deubrook Area; 206--Maisle Hurd, Bridgewater-Emery; Makayla Mohr, Irene-Wakonda; Jennifer Emery, Wall; Sheyanne Brodkorb, Wessington Springs; 208--Shania Deutscher, Lemmon; Teresa Opbroek, South Central; 210--Haley McKenna, Baltic; 212--Stephanie Brinkman, Garretson; Karen Bauer, Gettysburg; 214--Aisha Abbink, Scotland; 216 --Sara Bertsch, Eureka; Chayce Brinkman, Garretson; Caitlyn Mayer, South Central; 217--Sarah Hegge, Garretson; 219--Alyssa Ermish, Wall; 220--Makaela Karst, Plankinton; Kayla Kirchmeier, Webster; 221--Rachel Kessel, Bowdle; 222--Kaitlyn O'Neil, Flandreau/HendersonPaige Mentele, McCook/Montrose; Callie Lawrence, Timber Lake; 223--McKenna Rudebusch, Howard; 224 --Ashley Schurr, Edmunds Central; Lacey Bietz, Scotland; 225--Samantha Moody, Bison; Bailley Schneider, Chester Area; 226--Jaci Carter, Deuel; 227--Marissa Reilly, Great Plains Luthern; 230--Jill Olsen, Platte-Geddes; 233--Aerial Geffre, Herreid; 234--Mickey Schnick, Herreid; Kristy Gillen, White Lake; 235--Audrey Gall, Scotland; Sidney Spiering, Webster; 245--Shelby Thompson, Howard; 246--Mackenzie Schultz, Bridgewater-Emery; Sharon Smith, Lemmon; 250--Sammy Woodward, Hill City; Jordyne Schultz, Sully Buttes; 251--Shelby Borgers, Howard; 253--Katie LaPointe, White River; 256--Sarah Sieh, Gregory; 263--Morgan Huber, Clark/Willow Lake; 298--Marissa Lyon, Lemmon; 303--Taylor Richter, Wall.

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