The Cadwell Sports Complex will be a first-time host on Saturday.

Mitchell’s double quad softball complex will host the USA Softball of South Dakota women's over 35 slowpitch state tournament. South Dakota’s Slowpitch Women’s Deputy Commissioner Stacie Morell said it’s the first time the complex will host the event.

“It’s a very good fit,” Morell said. “It’s a good location. We increased our numbers by one more this year. We are up to 11 teams this year. So that’s a good thing just because of the location. I think it will be a good fit for the tournament. It’s a smaller tournament and of course you’ve got numerous diamonds over there, but I still think it’s going to be good for even a smaller tournament.”

It’s been held in Pierre and Chamberlain due to the centralized location in previous years, but Mitchell was awarded the tournament this year after putting up a bid for it. Morell said the new location will help draw in a different crop of teams.

“We ended up with three teams out of Sioux Falls, which we usually only get like one team that comes up from Sioux Falls,” Morell said. “We are going to get more people exposed to the 35 and over tournament, which is a very good deal because it’s fun, relaxed and everybody enjoys each other and has fun. It’s going to be fun to get more people exposed to that experience

In addition to the three Sioux Falls teams, there will also be teams from Mitchell, Brookings, Pierre, Rapid City, Brandt and Watertown at the tournament.

The USA Softball of South Dakota men's over 40 slowpitch state tournament was scheduled to be held in Mitchell, but interest has dwindled in recent years. Morell said the hope is to pump life back into a men’s over 40 tournament in the future.

But numbers remain steady on the women’s side. Last year, the national women’s over 35 slowpitch tournament was held in Mandan, North Dakota. Morell said four teams from South Dakota and four teams from North Dakota were represented at the tourney.

“When you go to national meets, everybody is impressed with the amount of numbers we still get for our teams coming to the state tournament for 35 and over,” Morell said. “They are very impressed with that.”