Wrestling summaries for Jan. 21: Wildkats sweep duals at Winner Area quadrangular

KWLPG wins top-ranked showdown with Warriors

Mitchell Republic file photo

Winner Area Quadrangular

Friday at Winner

Dual scores

Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes 60, Parker 18

Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes 51, Philip Area 22


Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes 34, Winner Area 32

Parker 40, Philip Area 36

Winner Area 57, Philip Area 19

Winner Area 58, Parker 15

Dual summaries

Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes 34, Winner Area 32

126: Kasen Konstanz (KWLP) over Konner Osborn (WINN) (Dec 4-2)

132: Iden Myers (KWLP) over Austin Blare (WINN) (MD 10-2)

138: Chase Varilek (KWLP) over Jude Sargent (WINN) (Fall 1:07)

145: Kaden Keiser (WINN) over Carter Lenz (KWLP) (MD 17-4)


152: Lucas Lenz (KWLP) over Jack Peters (WINN) (Fall 3:58)

160: Riley Orel (WINN) over Grayson Hanson (KWLP) (Dec 3-2)

170: Joey Cole (WINN) over Joey Baas (KWLP) (Fall 1:13)

182: Jack Kruger (WINN) over Roger Duba (KWLP) (Fall 1:10)

195: Levi Nightingale (KWLP) over Charley Pravecek (WINN) (Dec 1-0)

220: Parker Mathis (WINN) over Dalton Deffenbaugh (KWLP) (MD 8-0)

285: Kameron Styles (KWLP) over Achilles Willuweit (WINN) (Fall 4:57)

106: Gavin Braun (KWLP) over Ash Kaiser (WINN) (Fall 2:28)


113: Maxton Brozik (WINN) over Johnny Lenz (KWLP) (Dec 4-3)

120: Karson Keiser (WINN) by forfeit

Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes 60, Parker 18

106: Gavin Braun (KWLP) over Alek Kuchta (PARK) (MD 13-0)

113: Dylan Buseman (PARK) over Tate Surat (KWLP) (Fall 5:59)

120: Johnny Lenz (KWLP) over Wyatt Rand (PARK) (Fall 1:16)

126: Kasen Konstanz (KWLP) over Riley Pankratz (PARK) (Fall 4:48)

132: Michael Even (PARK) by forfeit

138: Chase Varilek (KWLP) over Quinlan Olesen (PARK) (Fall 1:11)


145: Carter Lenz (KWLP) over Jack Even (PARK) (MD 11-0)

152: Lucas Lenz (KWLP) over Connor Even (PARK) (MD 9-1)

160: Grayson Hanson (KWLP) over Logan Bridges (PARK) (Fall 1:19)

170: Joey Baas (KWLP) by forfeit

182: Roger Duba (KWLP) by forfeit

195: Levi Nightingale (KWLP) over Zaul Centeno (PARK) (Fall 1:40)

220: Levi Wieman (PARK) over Dalton Deffenbaugh (KWLP) (Fall 0:24)

285: Kameron Styles (KWLP) over Jason Ebeling (PARK) (Fall 1:21)


Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes 51, Philip Area 22

106: Gavin Braun (KWLP) over Tukker Boe (PHAR) (Dec 4-0)

113: Johnny Lenz (KWLP) over Asher Peterson (PHAR) (Fall 1:31)

120: Kipp Cordes (PHAR) over Kenyon Kuiper (KWLP) (Fall 1:42)

126: Kasen Konstanz (KWLP) over Latham Gabriel (PHAR) (Fall 3:13)

132: Jace Blasius (PHAR) by forfeit

138: Chase Varilek (KWLP) over Gage Ravellette (PHAR) (Dec 10-3)

145: Carter Lenz (KWLP) over Ryker Peterson (PHAR) (Dec 4-0)

152: McCoy Peterson (PHAR) over Lucas Lenz (KWLP) (MD 16-3)


160: Joey Baas (KWLP) by forfeit

170: Grayson Hanson (KWLP) by forfeit

182: Quinn Moon (PHAR) over Roger Duba (KWLP) (Fall 5:41)

195: Adley Reindl (KWLP) by forfeit

220: Levi Nightingale (KWLP) by forfeit

285: Kameron Styles (KWLP) over Lincoln Koehn (PHAR) (Fall 1:31)

Winner Area 57, Philip Area 19

120: Kipp Cordes (PHAR) over Karson Keiser (WINN) (Dec 5-4)

126: Konner Osborn (WINN) over Latham Gabriel (PHAR) (Fall 1:36)

132: Jace Blasius (PHAR) over Austin Blare (WINN) (Fall 3:54)

138: Jude Sargent (WINN) over Gage Ravellette (PHAR) (MD 12-4)

145: Kaden Keiser (WINN) over Ryker Peterson (PHAR) (TF 15-0 3:27)

152: McCoy Peterson (PHAR) over Jack Peters (WINN) (Fall 0:33)

160: Riley Orel (WINN) by forfeit

170: Joey Cole (WINN) over Quinn Moon (PHAR) (Fall 1:33)

182: Jack Kruger (WINN) by forfeit

195: Charley Pravecek (WINN) by forfeit

220: Achilles Willuweit (WINN) over Lincoln Koehn (PHAR) (Inj. [time])

285: Stetson Shelbourn (WINN) over Keith Brummet (PHAR) (Fall 1:35)

106: Tukker Boe (PHAR) over Ash Kaiser (WINN) (MD 15-2)

113: Maxton Brozik (WINN) over Asher Peterson (PHAR) (Fall 1:22)

Winner Area 58, Parker 15

113: Maxton Brozik (WINN) over Dylan Buseman (PARK) (TF 15-0 4:51)

120: Karson Keiser (WINN) over Wyatt Rand (PARK) (Fall 0:31)

126: Konner Osborn (WINN) over Riley Pankratz (PARK) (MD 9-0)

132: Michael Even (PARK) over Austin Blare (WINN) (Fall 4:38)

138: Jude Sargent (WINN) over Quinlan Olesen (PARK) (Fall 0:57)

145: Kaden Keiser (WINN) over Jack Even (PARK) (TF 16-1 2:21)

152: Ryken Orel (WINN) over Connor Even (PARK) (Dec 11-6)

160: Riley Orel (WINN) over Logan Bridges (PARK) (Fall 0:56)

170: Joey Cole (WINN) by forfeit

182: Jack Kruger (WINN) over Charlie Patten (PARK) (Inj. [time])

195: Charley Pravecek (WINN) over Zaul Centeno (PARK) (TF 17-2 5:55)

220: Levi Wieman (PARK) over Achilles Willuweit (WINN) (Dec 3-2)

285: Stetson Shelbourn (WINN) over Jason Ebeling (PARK) (Fall 0:51)

106: Alek Kuchta (PARK) over Ash Kaiser (WINN) (Fall 3:33)

Chamberlain Triangular summaries

Chamberlain 46, Belle Fourche 25

106: Mikyle Weston (CHAM) over Logan Tyndall (BEFO) (Dec 11-8)

113: D`Angelo Garduna (BEFO) over Xavier Donovan (CHAM) (Dec 5-0)

120: Riley Dighton (BEFO) over Devyn Anderson (CHAM) (Dec 10-8)

126: Dominic Santiago (CHAM) over (BEFO) (For.)

132: Quinn Long (CHAM) over (BEFO) (For.)

138: Thomas McCoy (BEFO) over Bryce Reuer (CHAM) (MD 12-2)

145: Thomas Powell (CHAM) over Owyn Schreder (BEFO) (MD 11-1)

152: Cayden Wolfe (BEFO) over Jozey Nesladek (CHAM) (Fall 0:58)

160: Ty Graesser (CHAM) by forfeit

170: Swade Reis (CHAM) over Lucas Green (BEFO) (Dec 6-0)

182: Gideon Funk (BEFO) by forfeit

195: Noah Hutmacher (CHAM) over Cade Bickerdyke (BEFO) (Fall 0:34)

220: Wyatt Powers (CHAM) over Lucas Tonsager (BEFO) (Fall 1:12)

285: Canyon Burkard (CHAM) over Sean Wahlfeldt (BEFO) (Fall 0:53)

Chamberlain 53, Douglas 21

113: Ian Fleming (DOUG) over Xavier Donovan (CHAM) (Fall 1:08)

120: Devyn Anderson (CHAM) over Braden Huffman (DOUG) (Fall 3:10)

126: Dominic Santiago (CHAM) over Alden Laden (DOUG) (TF 19-4 4:27)

132: Quinn Long (CHAM) over Aiden Russell (DOUG) (Fall 3:52)

138: Kale Crowser (DOUG) over Bryce Reuer (CHAM) (Dec 6-2)

145: Thomas Powell (CHAM) over Logan Huber (DOUG) (Fall 1:07)

152: Kannon Shay (DOUG) over Jozey Nesladek (CHAM) (Fall 1:22)

160: Payton Dewitt (DOUG) over Ty Graesser (CHAM) (Fall 3:43)

170: Swade Reis (CHAM) by forfeit

182: Double Forfeit

195: Noah Hutmacher (CHAM) over Bridger Harmon Sharp (DOUG) (Fall 1:09)

220: Wyatt Powers (CHAM) over Jake Canaday (DOUG) (Fall 1:43)

285: Canyon Burkard (CHAM) over Jase Canaday (DOUG) (Fall 0:13)

106: Mikyle Weston (CHAM) over Paiden Sandal (DOUG) (Fall 5:57)

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