Ethan boys, Burke girls claim team championships at Region 4B golf tournament

Gregory’s Kade Stukel paced the boys golfers with a score of 78 strokes while Andes Central/Dakota Christian’s Abigail Svatos won the girls side with a score of 89 strokes

Gregory's Kade Stukel watches his shot on the second hole of the Region 4B tournament on Tuesday, May 24 at Lakeview Golf Course in Mitchell.
Dylan Jespersen / Mitchell Republic

MITCHELL — Lakeview Golf Course played host to multiple area teams and golfers as both the boys and girls Region 4B tournament took place on Tuesday, May 24 in Mitchell.

Ethan finished atop the team standings on the boys side with their three golfers (Kody Klumb, Kaden Klumb and Aiden Riggs) combining for a tournament-low score of 248 strokes. On the girls side, Burke’s Adisyn Indahl, Ava Sargent and Calli Davis combined for a score of 308 strokes to give the Cougars the victory.

Gregory’s Kade Stukel paced the boys golfers, shooting a score of 78 strokes, or 6-over-par, to claim the individual victory on the day while Andes Central/Dakota Christian’s Abigail Svatos won the girls side with a score of 89 strokes (+17).

Stukel had two birdies on the day, including a clutch birdie on the hole 18 to give him the one-stroke advantage over Platte-Geddes’s Dawson Hoffman (79 stokes, +7). Hoffman placed second, followed by Ethan’s Kody Klumb (80 strokes, +8), Gregory’s Eli Fogel (81 strokes, +9) and a tie between Burke’s Bryce Frank and Ethan’s Kaden Klumb (82 strokes, +10).

Svatos, meanwhile, shot a 45 on the front nine and a 44 on the back nine to finish with a five-stroke advantage over the second-place finisher, Indahl (94 strokes, +22). Platte-Geddes’s Ashton Summerville finished tied for third with Bon Homme’s Jaden Kortan (98 strokes, +26), followed by Scotland/Menno’s Rylee Conrad (99 strokes, +27).


Scotland/Menno's Rylee Conrad watches her chip shot on hole 17 of the Region 4B tournament on Tuesday, May 24 at Lakeview Golf Course in Mitchell.
Dylan Jespersen / Mitchell Republic

The top two teams on both sides qualify for the state meet, meaning the Ethan and Gergory boys and the Burke and Mount Vernon/Plankinton girls advance to the Class B state tournament, while the top 17 individual scores also qualify for the state meet. Both meets will take place on June 6-7, with the boys tournament at Elks Golf Course and the girls tournament at Hart Ranch Golf Course, both in Rapid CIty.

Garretson boys, McCook Central/Montrose girls wrap up team titles in Region 3B

HARTFORD, S.D. — More area teams punched their tickets to the Class B state tournament as the Region 3B boys and girls golf tournaments wrapped up at Central Valley Golf Course in Hartford on Monday, May 23.

The Garretson boys left with the team victory, shooting a combined score of 272 strokes to finish with an eight-stroke cushion over the second-place finishers, Bridgewater-Emery. Meanwhile, the girls tournament was won by McCook Central/Montrose, with their golfers combining for a score of 286 for the comfortable victory.

The boys individual champion was Bridgewater-Emery’s Hunter Bailey, who finished with a score of 82 strokes on the day. He was followed by Garretson’s Dylan Kindt (84 strokes) in second place, Parker’s Brenden Brendan Pesicka (90 strokes) in fourth, and a three-way tie between Baltic’s Andrew Van Dam, Bridgewater-Emery’s Sutton Arend and MCM’s Jackson Remmers (94 strokes) for fifth.

On the girls side, MCM’s Maddy Lauck shot the tournament-low of 91 strokes to win the individual title. She was followed by Garretson’s Katie Hanson (95 strokes), Baltic’s Claire Berg (96 strokes), MCM’s Gabby Feterl (97 strokes), and a tie between Freeman Academy/Marion’s Jada Buse and MCM’s Aubree Kranz.

On the boys side, Garretson and Bridgewater-Emery advance to the state tournament while MCM and Garretson advance on the girls side. Also, the top 17 individual finishers advance to the Class B tournament as well, and because Freeman’s three golfers all finished in the top 17, they will also compete as a team at the state meet as well.

Region 4B meet

Tuesday at Lakeview GC, in Mitchell



Team scores (top-two advance): 1. Ethan 248; 2. Gregory 250; 3. Hanson 258; 4. Platte-Geddes 261; 5. Kimball-White Lake 273; T6. Bon Homme 274; T6. MVP 274; 8. Burke 280; 9. Corsica-Stickney 282; 10. Scotland/Menno 288; 11. Sanborn Central/Woonsocket 297

State qualifiers: 1. Kade Stukel, Gregory 78; 2. Dawson Hoffman, Platte-Geddes 79; 3. Kody Klumb, Ethan 80; 4. Eli Fogel, Gregory 81; T5. Bryce Frank, Burke 82; T5. Kaden Klumb, Ethan 82; 7. Kaden Tyrrell, Kimball/White Lake 83; 8. Jayden Kayser, Hanson 84; 9. Keenan Waldera, Hanson 85; T10. Rylan Gerlach, Ethan 86; T10. Cole Larsch, MVP 86; 12. Aiden Riggs, Ethan 87; 13. AJ Wilber, Hanson 89; T14. Maveric Smith, Scotland/Menno 90; T14. Shad Bosma, Corsica/Stickney 90; T14. Ben Wilber, Hanson 90; T14. Kashius Tucker, Bon Homme 90; T14. Jadon Petersen, Platte-Geddes 90; T14, Landon Bares, Bon Homme 90


Team scores (top-two advance): 1. Burke 308; 2. MVP 319; 3. Platte/Geddes 324; 4. Ethan 339; 5. Scotland/Menno 347; 6. AC/DC 356; 7. Gregory 387

State qualifiers: 1. Abigail Svatos, AC/DC 89 2. Adisyn Indahl, Burke 94; T3. Ashton Summerville, Platte-Geddes 98; T3. Jaden Kortan, Bon Homme 98; 5. Rylee Conrad, Scotland/Menno 99; 6. Ryanna Clauson, Ethan 101; T7. Christa Glanzer, MVP 102; T7. Dayton Easton, SCW 102; T9. McKenna Kocmich, Avon 103; T9. Jacey Kemp, Corsica/Stickney 103; 11. Ava Sargent, Burke 104; T12. Kiana Shevling-Major, Platte-Geddes 108; T12. Kensie Davis, MVP 108; 14. Vanessa Hoffman, MVP 109; 15. Calli Davis, Burke 110; 16. Bella Guthrie, Ethan 114; 17. Gabby Fink, MVP 116

Region 3B meet

Monday at Central Valley GC, in Hartford



Team scores (top-two advance): 1. Garretson 272; 2. Bridgewater-Emery 280; 3. *Freeman 300; 4. Parker 301; 5. McCook Central/Montrose 302; 6. Baltic 319; 7. Viborg-Hurley 322; 8. Canistota 330; 9. Centerville 357; 10. Gayville-Volin 364; 11. Alcester-Hudson 390; 12. Freeman Academy/Marion 421.

State qualifiers: 1. Hunter Bailey, Bridgewater-Emery, 82; 2. Dylan Kindt, Garretson, 84; 3. Brenden Pesicka, Parker, 90; 4. Ryan Flanagan, Garretson, 93; T5. Andrew Van Dam, Baltic, 94; T5. Sutton Arend, Bridgewater-Emery, 94; T5. Jackson Remmers, MCM, 94; 8. Cooper Long, Garretson, 95; 9. Tannen Auch, Freeman, 98; 10. Thor Aanenson, Freeman, 99; T11. Will Ortman, Canistota, 102; T11. Micah Van Ruler, MCM, 102; T11. Dylan Jessen, Garretson, 102; 14. Zac Sayler, Freeman, 103; T15. Jackson Harberts, Bridgewater-Emery, 104; T15. Reiley Murray, Viborg-Hurley, 104; T17. Peyton Hansen, Viborg-Hurley, 105; T17. Landri Holzwarth, Parker, 105; T25. Koby Kayser, Bridgewater-Emery (via team), 113

*Freeman can compete as a team at the state meet due to having three individual qualifiers in the top-17. 


Team scores (top-two advance): 1. McCook Central/Montrose 286; 2. Garretson 305; 3. Baltic 339; 4. Bridgewater-Emery 375; 5. Centerville 390; 6. Alcester-Hudson 406.

State qualifiers: 1. Maddy Lauck, MCM, 91; 2. Katie Hanson, Garretson, 95; 3. Claire Berg, Baltic, 96; 4. Gabby Feterl, MCM, 97; T5. Jada Buse, Freeman Academy/Marion, 98; T5. Aubree Kranz, MCM, 98; 7. Autumn Gaspar, Garretson, 100; 8. Maci Rotert, Garretson, 110; 9. Berklee Erickson, Baltic, 112; 10. Paige Auch, Freeman, 113; 11. Addison Hove, Garretson, 114; 12. Grace Bjordal, Centerville, 115; T13. Lily Wipf, Freeman, 119; T13. Lucy Osterkamp, Alcester-Hudson, 119; T15. Shania Longe, Bridgewater-Emery, 120;T15. Sieta Wiersema, Freeman Academy/Marion, 120; 22. Lauren Roling, MCM (via team), 135

Dylan is sports reporter for the Mitchell Republic. A native of Michigan, he graduated from Central Michigan University with a bachelors of science in journalism before joining the sports staff in March 2022. He covers 35 high schools along with NAIA's Dakota Wesleyan, which are all within Mitchell Republic's 17 county coverage area. Before joining the Mitchell Republic, Dylan covered sports in Michigan for a year, coached baseball for the Lakeland High School freshman team in White Lake, Mich. and played baseball and basketball in high school.
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