Canton claims Class B state dual wrestling title over Bon Homme/Avon

For the third time in the last four seasons, the Canton High School wrestling team earned the Class B state wrestling dual tournament title.

022423 StateWR Isaac Crownover.JPG
Bon Homme/Avon's Isaac Crownover wrestles in the Class B 182-pound individual semifinals on Friday, Feb. 24, 2023 at the Summit Arena in Rapid City.
Marcus Traxler / Mitchell Republic

RAPID CITY — For the third time in the last four seasons, the Canton High School wrestling team earned the Class B state wrestling dual tournament title, taking down No. 1-seeded Bon Homme/Avon by a 46-18 margin on Saturday afternoon at Summit Arena. Canton closed out a perfect 30-0 season in duals, while Bon Homme/Avon closed its year at 12-1.

With the dual starting at 132, the second-seeded C-Hawks won the first three matches with two pins from Ashton Keller and Ayson Rice, plus a 7-2 decision from Kale Ask at 138 pounds for a 15-0 lead. Kolton Vicek (152) and Brady Bierema (160) each earned decisions for Bon Homme/Avon, before Canton won the next three matches for a 31-6 lead. Isaac Crownover had a pin at 220 pounds and Corbin Palsma (113) and Jackson Kaul (120) each earned decisions for Bon Homme/Avon.

In the semifinals, Bon Homme/Avon defeated McCook Central/Montrose, 41-30, thanks to a pair of pins in the final two matches from Kaul (113) and Weston Bierema (120). Kaul also had a decisive pin in 48 seconds in the quarterfinals to power a 39-33 dual win over Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes.

Custer defeated MCM, 57-24, for third place in Class B and Parker took down KWLPG, 49-22 for fifth place.

In Class A, Pierre edged Brandon Valley for the state title, 34-33. The dual was tied 33-all after 14 matches but the Governors had the tiebreaking criteria with more falls in the dual. It is the Governors’ second state dual title since the event returned in 2020.


Class B championship

Canton 46, Bon Homme/Avon 18

132: Ashton Keller (Canton) over Luke Guthmiller (BHA) Fall 0:17

138: Kale Ask (Canton) over Tyler Tjeerdsma (BHA) Dec 7-2

145: Ayson Rice (Canton) over Jackson Caba (BHA) Fall 4:42

152: Kolton Vlcek (BHA) over Aidan Kranz (Canton) Dec 3-2

160: Brady Bierema (BHA) over John Halverson (Canton) Dec 3-1

170: Gavin Neu (Canton) over Jaymison Bjorum (BHA) Fall 3:28


182: Josh Merkle (Canton) over Isaiah Crownover (BHA) Maj 17-7

195: Tanner Meyers (Canton) over Cody Sassaman (BHA) Fall 0:22

220: Isaac Crownover (BHA) over Hunter Richmond (Canton) Fall 1:43

285: Traun Cook (Canton) over Randall Powers (BHA) Fall 1:04

106: Zach Bartels (Canton) over Ryvr Larson (BHA) Fall 0:33

113: Corbin Palsma (BHA) over Sara Schroder (Canton) TB-1 5-4

Class B third place

Custer 57, McCook Central/Montrose 24


132: Riley Scott (Custer) over Ray Sandine (MCM) Fall 1:05

138: Leighton Sander (Custer) over Owen Schmidt (MCM) Fall 1:38

145: Kai Rusch (Custer) by forfeit

152: Jackson Rememrs (MCM) over Connor Adams (Custer) Fall 1:11

160: Jonathan Lewis (Custer) over Carter Randall (MCM) Dec 5-1

170: Parker Noem (Custer) by forfeit

182: Ryder Bailey (Custer) over Mason Pulse (MCM) Fall 1:28

195: Will Rotert (MCM) over Weston Woodward (Custer) Fall 1:16


220: Zayne Severyn (Custer) over Logan Raap (MCM) Fall 1:03

285: Austin Hoiten (MCM) over Clayton Maude (Custer) Fall 0:50

106: Tyler Trant (Custer) over Landon Flogstad (MCM) Fall 0:27

113: Tray Weiss (Custer) by forfeit

Class B semifinals

Bon Homme/Avon 41, McCook Central/Montrose 30

126: Brock Kotalik (BHA) over Elliott Bartlett (MCM) TF 15-0

132: Tyler Tjeerdsma (BHA) over Owen Schmidt (MCM) Fall 1:00


138: Luke Guthmiller (BHA) over Ray Sandine (MCM) Fall 1:35

145: Jackson Caba (BHA) by forfeit

152: Jackson Rememrs (MCM) over Kolton Vlcek (BHA) Fall 1:19

160: Carter Randall (MCM) over Brady Bierema (BHA) Dec 3-2

170: Weston Remmers (MCM) over Landon Smith (BHA) Dec 9-3

182: Mason Pulse (MCM) over Isaiah Crownover (BHA) Dec 8-2

195: Isaac Crownover (BHA) over Logan Raap (MCM) Fall 2:37

220: Will Rotert (MCM) over Cody Sassaman (BHA) Fall 2:23


285: Austin Hoiten (MCM) over Randall Powers (BHA) Fall 1:16

106: Landon Flogstad (MCM) over Ryvr Larson (BHA) Dec 6-0

113: Jackson Kaul (BHA) over Parker Randall (MCM) Fall 3:40

120: Weston Bierema (BHA) over Alexis Bryant (MCM) Fall 3:20

Canton 50, Custer 22

126: Landon Woodward (Custer) over Teague Granum (Canton) Dec 4-0

132: Ashton Keller (Canton) over Riley Scott (Custer) Fall 0:28

138: Kale Ask (Canton) over Leighton Sander (Custer) Maj 12-4

145: Ayson Rice (Canton) over Kai Rusch (Custer) Fall 1:19

152: Aidan Kranz (Canton) over Connor Adams (Custer) Fall 1:15

160: Jonathan Lewis (Custer) over John Halverson (Canton) Maj 11-1

170: Parker Noem (Custer) over Gavin Neu (Canton) Fall 1:04

182: Ryder Bailey (Custer) over Josh Merkle (Canton) Dec 8-3

195: Tanner Meyers (Canton) over Weston Woodward (Custer) Maj 14-5

220: Hunter Richmond (Canton) over Zayne Severyn (Custer) Fall 2:54

285: Traun Cook (Canton) over Clayton Maude (Custer) Fall 1:12

106: Zach Bartels (Canton) over Tyler Trant (Custer) Fall 2:00

113: Tray Weiss (Custer) by forfeit

120: Aiden Schrempp (Canton) over Connor Owens (Custer) Fall 5:14

Class B consolation bracket results

KWLPG 48, Elk Point-Jefferson 30

Parker 42, Winner Area 30

Fifth place 

Parker 49, Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes 22

132: Kasen Konstanz (KWLPG) over Riley Pankratz (Parker) Maj 16-5

138: Michael Even (Parker) over Carter Konechne (KWLPG) Dec 6-3

145: Jack Even (Parker) over Johnny Lenz (KWLPG) Maj 12-4

152: Andrew Even (Parker) over Jace Soulek (KWLPG) Fall 1:12

160: Connor Even (Parker) over Kiner Kirsch (KWLPG) Maj 14-6

170: Garret Westendorf (KWLPG) by forfeit

182: Logan Bridges (Parker) over Chris Baas (KWLPG) Fall 0:54

195: Charlie Patten (Parker) over Jayden Kahler (KWLPG) Dec 9-4

220: Levi Wieman (Parker) over Adley Reindl (KWLPG) Fall 0:51

285: Zaul Centeno (Parker) over Dalton Deffenbaugh (KWLPG) Fall 5:00

106: Vincent Lenz (KWLPG) over Wyatt Rand (Parker) Fall 1:37

113: Alek Kuchta (Parker) over Akane Metcalfe (KWLPG) TF 18-1

120: Gavin Braun (KWLPG) over Colten Preheim (Parker) Fall 1:35

126: Dylan Buseman (Parker) over Tate Surat (KWLPG) Fall 1:57

Class B quarterfinals

Bon Homme/Avon 39, Kimball/White Lake/Platte-Geddes 33

120: Gavin Braun (KWLPG) over Weston Bierema (BHA) Fall 4:42

126: Kasen Konstanz (KWLPG) over Brock Kotalik (BHA) Fall 4:10

132: Tyler Tjeerdsma (BHA) over Carter Konechne (KWLPG) Dec 5-4

138: Johnny Lenz (KWLPG) over Luke Guthmiller (BHA) Fall 5:24

145: Jackson Caba (BHA) over Iden Myers (KWLPG) Dec 3-0

152: Brady Bierema (BHA) over Jace Soulek (KWLPG) Fall 1:23

160: Carter Lenz (KWLPG) over Kolton Vlcek (BHA) Fall 2:12

170: Landon Smith (BHA) over Garret Westendorf (KWLPG) Fall 1:47

182: Isaiah Crownover (BHA) over Chris Baas (KWLPG) Fall 0:54

195: Isaac Crownover (BHA) over Adley Reindl (KWLPG) Fall 0:27

220: Jayden Kahler (KWLPG) over Cody Sassaman (BHA) Fall 2:54

285: Randall Powers (BHA) over Dalton Deffenbaugh (KWLPG) Dec 6-3

106: Vincent Lenz (KWLPG) over Michael Branaugh (BHA) Dec 9-2

113: Jackson Kaul (BHA) over Hayes Holter (KWLPG) Fall 0:48

McCook Central/Montrose 35, Elk Point-Jefferson 27

120: Luke Swatek (EPJ) over Alexis Bryant (MCM) Fall 5:04

126: Elliott Bartlett (MCM) over Trey VanderWeerdt (EPJ) TF 15-0

132: Owen Schmidt (MCM) over Hayes Johnson (EPJ) Dec 5-1

138: Ray Sandine (MCM) over Levi Hanson (EPJ) Dec 5-2

145: Gunner Ewing (EPJ) by forfeit

152: Jackson Remmers (MCM) over Lucas Hueser (EPJ) Dec 5-0

160: Ben Swatek (EPJ) over Carter Randall (MCM) Dec 5-2

170: Gavin Jacobs (EPJ) over Weston Remmers (MCM) Dec 6-2

182: Noah McDermott (EPJ) over Mason Pulse (MCM) Dec 7-5

195: Grayson Jacobs (EPJ) over Will Rotert (MCM) Fall 1:05

220: Logan Raap (MCM) over Noah Thooft (EPJ) Fall 5:00

285: Austin Hoiten (MCM) by forfeit

106: Landon Flogstad (MCM) over Brody VanRoekel (EPJ) Dec 10-4

113: Parker Randall (MCM) over Owen Rigg (EPJ) Fall 5:58

Canton 50, Winner Area 24

120: Maxton Brozik (Winner Area) by forfeit

126: Teague Granum (Canton) over Ash Kaiser (Winner Area) Fall 2:38

132: Ashton Keller (Canton) over Karson Keiser (Winner Area) Fall 0:59

138: Konner Osborn (Winner Area) by forfeit

145: Ayson Rice (Canton) over Ryken Orel (Winner Area) TF 19-4

152: Jack Peters (Winner Area) over Aidan Kranz (Canton) Dec 8-7

160: Riley Orel (Winner Area) over Tyler Frick (Canton) Fall 3:25

170: John Halverson (Canton) over Kamryn Meek (Winner Area) Dec 4-2

182: Jack Kruger (Winner Area) over Josh Merkle (Canton) Dec 2-1

195: Tanner Meyers (Canton) over Evan Bartels (Winner Area) Fall 0:50

220: Hunter Richmond (Canton) over Parker Mathis (Winner Area) Fall 3:42

285: Traun Cook (Canton) over Derek Fenenga (Winner Area) Fall 1:11

106: Zach Bartels (Canton) over Rylan Robbins (Winner Area) Fall 1:20

113: Aiden Schrempp (Canton) over Hudson Peters (Winner Area) Fall 4:52

Custer 48, Parker 15

120: Kian Rusch (Custer) over Colten Preheim (Parker) Fall 1:22

126: Landon Woodward (Custer) over Dylan Buseman (Parker) Maj 11-2

132: Riley Scott (Custer) over Riley Pankratz (Parker) TF 18-2

138: Leighton Sander (Custer) over Michael Even (Parker) Dec 5-4

145: Jack Even (Parker) over Kai Rusch (Custer) Dec 6-2

152: Andrew Even (Parker) over Connor Adams (Custer) Fall 2:25

160: Jonathan Lewis (Custer) over Connor Even (Parker) Fall 2:26

170: Blaise Arp (Custer) by forfeit

182: Charlie Patten (Parker) over Parker Noem (Custer) Dec 3-2

195: Ryder Bailey (Custer) over Logan Bridges (Parker) Fall 0:44

220: Levi Wieman (Parker) over Zayne Severyn (Custer) Dec 3-2

285: Clayton Maude (Custer) over Zaul Centeno (Parker) Dec 4-1

106: Tyler Trant (Custer) over Wyatt Rand (Parker) Fall 0:55

113: Tray Weiss (Custer) over Alek Kuchta (Parker) Dec 8-1

Class A results


Brandon Valley 43, Aberdeen Central 30

Pierre 46, Rapid City Stevens 20

Sturgis 31, Harrisburg 27

Watertown 53, West Central 18


Brandon Valley 37, Watertown 36

Pierre 54, Sturgis 18

Consolation bracket

Aberdeen Central 43, West Central 24

Harrisburg 42, Rapid City Stevens 18

Fifth place

Harrisburg 42, Aberdeen Central 24

Third place

Watertown 42, Sturgis 33


Pierre 34, Brandon Valley 33

132: Jordon Oehme (Brandon Valley) over Hudson Shaffer (Pierre) Maj 18-6

138: Alex Mentzer (Brandon Valley) over Tristan Spencer (Pierre) Fall 0:42

145: Trason Oehme (Brandon Valley) over Chase Carda (Pierre) Dec 4-2

152: Lucas Chamberlin (Pierre) over Levi Veskrna (Brandon Valley) Dec 10-8

160: Deegan Houska (Pierre) over Gavin Chapman (Brandon Valley) Dec 7-2

170: Trey Lewis (Pierre) by forfeit

182: Chance Carda (Pierre) over Elijah Schunke (Brandon Valley) Fall 1:40

195: Gavin Stotts (Pierre) over Noah Bailous (Brandon Valley) Fall 2:48

220: Elijah Boutchee (Pierre) over DelVoun Spears-Witte (Brandon Valley) Fall 4:58

285: Navarro Schunke (Brandon Valley) over Joshua Rydberg (Pierre) Fall 3:52

106: Brendon Oehme (Brandon Valley) over Jacob Mason (Pierre) TF 19-4

113: Trevon Oehme (Brandon Valley) over Walker West (Pierre) Fall 0:54

120: Alex Oedekoven (Pierre) over Landon Walker (Brandon Valley) Dec 6-3

126: Aaron Tucker (Brandon Valley) over Lincoln Schoenhard (Pierre) Dec 3-1

*Pierre wins dual tiebreaker based on criteria (most falls).

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