ALEXANDRIA ー Pheasant hunting and football. What could be better?

Granite Springs Lodge, an event facility and hunting lodge in Alexandria, will be providing an opportunity for hunters and former NFL players and coaches to come together this week. The proceeds will go to the United Way and be utilized in the Mitchell community for reparations of the flood damage that was seen earlier this year.

Kristy Berg, the manager of Granite Springs Lodge and Kevin Ryherd, chief operating officer of VNVM (a promotional partner group), have organized an event for hunters to meet three former NFL alumni and also get out in the field to chase pheasants.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our alumni to come together and meet fans in an environment that is conducive to great hunting and priceless memories,” said Ryherd, “We hope to make this an annual tradition and make it bigger and better each year.”

Participating in the hunt are:

  • Mike Harris, a former player for the San Diego Chargers and the Minnesota Vikings.

  • Rick Courtright, a former assistant coach for the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Chidi Ahonatu who played for several teams, including the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for hunters and NFL fans alike,” Berg said. “We look forward to welcoming some gridiron greats to team up with our guests and hunt pheasants and have the ultimate hunting and football experience.”

Prices vary depending on what the hunter wishes to be included in their deal. Hunters can stay in the lodging with some meals provided and can select which alumni they would like to hunt with for two days between Dec. 4-11.

“We are prepared and ready to host these special guests,” Berg said. “We are confident that once these hunters get here, they will see why they will want to keep coming back. We are confident this is something that will continue to grow with each hunting season.”

Granite Springs Lodge and VNVM hope to continue to build their relationship each year by hosting more former NFL players and hunters and build the relationship between the players and hunters as well.

Hunters will be able to come and hunt with any of the three alumni available this year. In the coming years, VNVM hopes to host a variety of alumni, even some who grew up in the area.

“Chad Greenway grew up in Mount Vernon; Riley Reiff in Parkston. It would be wonderful to see them back here in South Dakota hunting with fellow South Dakotans,” Ryherd said, “It’s all about just getting together and having a good time and of course, being able to give back to the community.”