Randi Christensen has many roles at Dakota Wesleyan University.

She's an athletic trainer for multiple athletic teams, an assistant professor of athletic training and the Director of Athletic Training Services. On Wednesday in Sioux Falls, her work as the athletic trainer for the DWU volleyball and women's basketball teams this past year was recognized.

Christensen was named the South Dakota athletic trainer of the year by the South Dakota Athletic Trainers Association.

"It's very exciting and humbling," Christensen said. "I actually got an email from the SDATA when I was in Trinidad with the Dakota Wesleyan soccer team. That was kind of cool and exciting, and yet, I wasn't with my family to let them know and celebrate."

Matthew Zens, who also works in the athletic training department at DWU, nominated Christensen for the award. He was also the presenter on Wednesday.

While winning the award was "very exciting," Christensen said the outpouring of support and congratulations made it more special.

"Since the award ceremony, I'm extremely humbled by the phone calls, texts and emails from people I see everyday and people I haven't seen for a long time," Christensen said. "... The comments, feedback and encouragement that I've gotten since receiving the award makes it that much more special and that much more of a big deal to me and my family."

Christensen started working at DWU in 2005 as a graduate assistant, then became a full-time staff member in 2007. Over the years, she has worked with the soccer, baseball, volleyball and women's basketball teams.

She's also been part of DWU's graduate assistant's program, acting as a mentor.

"This staff as a whole at Dakota Wesleyan, we all work together and it's very much team-oriented," Christensen said. "My role is mentoring the (graduate assistants) once they get to campus and kind of helping them learn the ropes of how Dakota Wesleyan works."

Despite the honor, Christensen doesn't view herself as "more exceptional" than other athletic trainers around the state. She just does what's asked of her.

"I really just do my job," she said. "I don't know if I'm any different or any more exceptional-or do anything different-than any other athletic trainer. But it's always nice to be recognized for the things that you do."