Mitchell High School girls tennis marches to second-straight ESD title

Kernels had flight winners at three divisions

Mitchell’s Amber Moller returns a shot in a No. 3 singles match against Aberdeen Central’s Livia Douglas on Tuesday during the Eastern South Dakota Conference tournament at the Huron High School Courts. (Mike Carroll / Huron Plainsman)

HURON -- Depth again carried the day for the Mitchell High School girls tennis team at the Eastern South Dakota Conference tournament Tuesday.

Mitchell had three bracket winners and no players finished lower than fourth place in any of the nine flights to score 296.5 points, more than enough to top second-place Yankton’s 219 points and third place Harrisburg’s 204.5 points to claim its second consecutive ESD title at Huron High School. It is Mitchell’s third conference title in the last five seasons in girls tennis.

Olivia Huber won three times to claim the No. 2 singles title, capped by a 10-9 win over Watertown’s Josie Heyn in the semifinals and a tight match with Yankton’s Nora Krajewski by a score of 10-9 (4).

Megan Mastel had her hand in two bracket victories on Tuesday. Mastel, playing No. 6 singles, defeated Harrisburg’s Mckenzie Vickery 10-1 in the championship match, after Mastel had won 10-2 and 10-1 in the quarterfinals and semifinals to reach the title round.

Mastel was then part of the No. 3 doubles team of with Delaney Degen that marched through their bracket to a conference title, highlighted by a 10-4 win over Aberdeen Central’s Laney Gonsor and Charlee Galvin in the semifinals and a 10-7 win over Harrisburg’s Maddie Eisenbeisz and Vickery in the championship.


The No. 2 doubles team of Amber Moller and Sydney Reynolds took second place, with a 10-8 defeat in the championship match facing Harrisburg’s Eloise Geraets and Maddie Grabov. Moller and Reynolds reached the title match with a 10-5 win over Carly Comstock and Livia Douglas of Aberdeen Central in the semifinals.

At No. 1 doubles, the pairing of Atlanta Stahle and Olivia Huber reached the semifinals where they were defeated by Brandon Valley’s Michaela Jerke and Marie Pelletier 10-9 (7-1), followed by an 8-4 loss in the third-place match to Pierre’s Sydney Tedrow and Kara Weiss.

At No. 4 singles, Julia Platt finished in second place, with a 10-4 win over Aberdeen Central’s Alice Vogel in the semifinals and a 10-6 loss to Watertown’s Leyla Meester in the championship match.

At No. 1 singles, Atlanta Stahle took home third place, after falling to eventual champion Maggie Schaefer, of Yankton in the semifinals (10-1), defeating Harrisburg’s Emma Rangel 8-5 for third place.

Sydney Reynolds was a third-place finisher at No. 5 singles, with an 8-1 win over Harrisburg’s Maddie Grabow. Eventual bracket winner Laney Gonsor, of Aberdeen Central, defeated Reynolds 10-5 in the semifinal match. Amber Moller brought home a fourth-place finish at No. 3 singles, with an 8-0 decision in the third-place match to Watertown’s Jaida Young.

All focus now turns to the Class A state tennis tournament, which will be held Oct. 4-5 in Sioux Falls at McKennan Park and Kuehn Park, as Mitchell plays for a third-straight Class A title.

Eastern South Dakota Conference Tournament


Sept. 28 -- Huron Courts and Winter Park Courts

Final team standings: 1, Mitchell 296.5; 2, Yankton 219; 3, Harrisburg 204.5; 4, Aberdeen Central 182.5; 5, Watertown 181.5; 6, Pierre 107.5; 7, Brandon Valley 86.5; 8, Huron 11.5; 9, Brookings 0.


Flight 1

Play-in: AnneClaire Rubish, HU, def. Tristina Ting, B, 10-3.

First round: Maggie Schaefer, Y, def. Rubish, HU, 10-3; Atalnta Stahle, M, def. Michaela Jerke, BV, 10-5; Emma Rangel, HA, def. Ellie Zink, W, 10-5; Emily Ringgenberg, AC, def. Sydney Tedrow, P, 10-6.

Consolation semifinals: Jerke, BV, def. Rubish, H, 8-3; Zink, W, def. Tedrow, P, 8-4.

Semifinals: Schaefer, Y, def. Stahle, M, 10-1; Ringgenberg, AC, def. Rangel, HA, 10-4.


Fifth-place match: Zink, W, def. Jerke, BV, 8-4.

Third-place match: Stahle, M, def. Rangel, HA, 8-5.

Championship match: Schaefer, Y, def. Ringgenberg, AC, 10-3.

Flight 2

Play-in: Lizzy Heinen, HU, def. Paige Foster, B, 10-4.

First round: Nora Krajewski, Y, def. Heinen, HU, 10-1; Marie Pelletier, BV, def. Carly Comstock, AC, 10-9 (8-6); Josie Heyn, W, def. Nicole Lin, HA, 10-5; Olivia Huber, M, def. Marlee Shorter, P, 10-4.

Consolation semifinals: Comstock, AC, def. Heinen, HU, inj def.; Shorter, P, def. Lin, HA, 8-3.

Semifinals: Krajewski, Y, def. Pelletier, BV, 10-8; Huber, M, def. Heyn, W, 10-8.

Fifth-place match: Comstock, AC, def. Shorter, P, 8-2.

Third-place match: Pelletier, BV, def. Heyn, 8-4.

Championship match: Huber, M, def. Krajewski, Y, 10-9 (4).

Flight 3

Play-in: Bianca Medina, HU, def. Brea Tonsager, B, 10-1.

First round: Eloise Geraets, HA, def. Medina, HU, 10-2; Amber Moller, M, def. Livia Douglas, AC, 10-1; Sabrina Krajewski, Y, def. Adri Alexander, BV, 10-2; Jaida Young, W, def. Kara Weiss, P, 10-8.

Consolation semifinals: Douglass, AC, def. Medina, 8-2; Weiss, P, def. Alexander, BV, 8-3.

Semifinals: Geraets, HA, def. Moller, M, 10-8; Krajewski, Y, def. Young, W, 10-2.

Fifth-place match: Weiss, P, def. Douglass, AC, 8-2.

Third-place match: Young, W, def. Moller, M, 8-0.

Championship match: Geraets, HA, def. Krajewski, Y, 10-4.

Flight 4

Play-in: Claire Siverhus, BV, def. Heather Rudd, B, 10-3.

First round: Julia Platt, M, def. Claire Siverhus, BV, 10-0; Alice Vogel, AC, def. Maddie Eisenbeisz, HA, 10-6; Jocelyn Corrales, P, def. Frannie Kouri, Y, 10-4; Leyla Meester, W, def. Beth Engelhart, HU, 10-1.

Consolation semifinals: Eisenbeisz, HA, def. Siverhus, BV, 8-1; Kouri, Y, def. Engelhart, HU, 8-2.

Semifinals: Platt, M, def. Vogel, AC, 10-4; Meester, W, def. Corrales, P, 10-6.

Fifth-place match: Esenbeisz, HA, def. Kouri, Y, 8-1.

Third-place match: Corrales, P, def. Vogel, AC, 8-2.

Championship match: Meester, W, def. Platt, M, 10-6.

Flight 5

Play-in: Kayla Marsh, Y, def. Mary Rudd, B, 10-1.

First round: Maddie Grabow, HA, def. Marsh, 10-3: Grace Ortmeier, W, def. Say Ma, HU, 10-7; Sydney Reynolds, M, def. Caitlin Ott, P, 10-2; Laney Gonsor, AC, def. Teya Badger, BV, 10-2.

Consolation semifinals: Ma, HU, def. Marsh, Y, 8-6; Ott, P, def. Badger, BV, 8-1.

Semifinals: Ortmeier, W, def. Grabow, HA, 10-7; Gonsor, AC, def. Reynolds, M, 10-5.

Fifth-place match: Ma, HU, def. Ott, P, 8-1.

Third-place match: Reynolds, M, def. Grabow, HA, 8-1.

Championship match: Gonsor, AC, def. Ortmeier, W, 10-8.

Flight 6

Play-in: Sophie Tanner, B, def. Melia Thelen, BV, 10-5.

First round: Megan Mastel, M, def. Sophie Tanner, B, 10-2; Carissa Ott, P, def. Faith Berg, W, 10-4; Avery Tennant, AC, def. Ann Hoek, HU, 10-2; Mckenzie Vickery, HA, def. Paige Mitzel, Y, 10-5.

Consolation semifinals: Berg, W, def. Tanner, B, 8-0; Mitzel, Y, def. Hoek, HU, 8-4.

Semifinals: Mastel, M, def. Ott, P, 10-1; Vickery, HA, def. Tennant, AC, 10-6.

Fifth-place match: Berg, W, def. Mitzel, Y, 8-0.

Third-place match: Tennant, AC, def. Ott, P, 8-3.

Championship match: Mastel, M, def. Vickery, HA, 10-1.


Flight 1

Play-in: Tristina Ting/Paige Foster, B, def. AnneClaire Rubish/Eh Ku Shee, HU, 10-8.

First round: Maggie Schaefer/Nora Krajewski, Y, def. Ting/Foster, B, 10-1; Sydney Tedrow/Kara Weiss, P, def. Ellie Zink/Josie Heyn, W, 10-8; Alanta Stahle/Olivia Huber, M, def. Ringgenberg/Vogel, AC, 10-2; Michaela Jerke/Marie Pelletier, BV, def. Emma Rangel/Jersey Sonnenscheine, HA, 10-4.

Consolation semifinals: Zink/Heyn, W, def. Ting/Foster, B, 8-2; Ringgenberg/Vogel, AC, def. Rangel Sonnenscheine, HA, 8-7 (9-7).

Semifinals: Schaefer/Krajewski, Y, def. Tedrow/Weiss, P, 10-9 (7-0); Jerke/Pelletier, BV, def. Stahle/Huber, M, 10-9 (7-1).

Fifth-place match: Ringgenberg/Vogel, AC, def. Zink/Heyn, W, 8-7 (7-5).

Third-place match: Tedrow/Weiss, P, def. Stahle/Huber, M, 8-4.

Championship match: Schaefer/Krajewski, Y, def. Jerke/Pelletier, BV, 10-3.

Flight 2

Play-in: Adri Alexander/Melia Thelen, BV, def. Brea Tonsager/Heather Rudd, B, 10-1.

First round: Jaida Young/Grace Ortmeier, W, def. Alexander/Thelen, BV, 10-5; Eloise Geraets/Maddie Grabow, HA, def. Sabrina Krajewski/Addison Gordon, Y, 10-8; Amber Moller/Sydney Reynolds, M, def. Jocelyn Corrales/Caitlin Ott, P, 10-5; Comstock/Douglas, AC, def. Bianca Medina/Beth Engelhart, HU, 10-1.

Consolation semifinals: Kraewski/Gordon, Y, def. Alexander/Thelen, BV, 8-6; Corrales/Ott, P, def. Medina/Engelhart, HU, 8-4.

Semifinals: Geraets/Grabow, HA, def. Young/Ortmeier, W, 10-8; Moller/Reynolds, M, def. Comstock/Douglas, AC, 10-5.

Fifth-place match: Corrales/Ott, P, def. Krajewski/Gordon, 8-1.

Third-place match: Young/Ortmeier, W, def. Comstock/Douglas, AC, 8-6.

Championship match: Geraets/Grabow, HA, def. Moller/Reynolds, M, 10-8.

Flight 3

Play-in: Teya Badger/Addison Meyers, BV, def. Mary Rudd/Sophie Tanner, B, 10-5.

First round: Megan Mastel/Delaney Degen, M, def. Badger/Meyers, BV, 10-7; Gonsor/Charlie Galvin, AC, def. Marlee Shorter.Gracie Zeeb, P, 10-8; Maddie Esenbeisz/Mckenzie Vickery, HA, def. Say May/Ann Hoek, HU, 10-1; Leyla Meester/Sophia Nichols, W, def. Kayla Marsh/Frannie Kouri, Y, 10-5.

Consolation semifinals: Shorter/Zeeb, P, def. Badger/Meyers, BV, 8-3; Ma/Hoek, H, def. Marsh/Kouri, Y, 8-6.

Semifinals: Mastel/Degen, M, def. Gonsor/Galvin, AC, 10-4; Eisenbeisz/Vickery, HA, def. Meester/Nichols, W, 10-7.

Fifth-place match: Shorter/Zeeb, P, def. Ma/Hoek, HU, 8-6.

Third-place match: Gonsor/Galvin, AC, def. Meester/Nichols, W, 8-7 (7-3).

Championship match: Mastel/Degen, M, def. Eisenbeisz/Vickery, HA, 10-7.

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