Mitchell 15/16 drops a pair to Sioux Falls Post 15

Mitchell 15/16 lost two straight to Post 15 on Thursday. In Game 1, Mitchell lost 11-3 and despite out-hitting Sioux Falls in Game 2, Mitchell lost 17-8.

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SIOUX FALLS -- Mitchell 15/16 dropped two straight to Sioux Falls Post 15 on Thursday evening.

In Game 1, it was a 3-3 ball game until the bottom of the fourth inning. Post 15 scored eight unanswered runs to ultimately end the game in five innings. Post 15 out-hit Mitchell 7-6.

Peyton Mandel and Karter Sibson led Mitchell in hits with two apiece. Sibson also led the team in RBIs with two. Carter Miller chipped in with one hit and one RBI and Colin Stange had one hit of his own.

Lincoln Bates took the loss for Mitchell. He pitched three innings, allowed nine runs and six hits, but struck out four batters.

In Game 2, Post 15 had another big inning scoring nine runs at the bottom of the third. Despite out-hitting Sioux Falls 9 to 7, this game was also over after five innings.


Mandel led all Mitchell players going 3 of 3 and one RBI. Lukas Bennett had two himself while Blake Brosz, Connor Singray, Miller and Sibson chipped in with one hit each. Brosz, Miller, Bennett and Sibson had one RBI each while Singray led the team with two.

Sibson took the loss at the mound for Mitchell allowing 13 runs and three hits in two innings. Bennett also pitched two innings. He allowed four hits and four runs, but struck out three.

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