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Golfer Sergio Garcia avoids suspension after damaging several greens during tournament

European golfer Sergio Garcia celebrates on the 17th green Sept. 29, 2018, during the Ryder Cup Saturday Morning matches at Le Golf National. Garcia was disqualified from a European Tour event in Saudi Arabia over the weekend. Ian Rutherford / USA TODAY Sports

Spain's Sergio Garcia will face no further punishment following his disqualification from the Saudi International on Saturday for damaging several greens.

Players in groups behind Garcia on Saturday, including American Patrick Reed, complained that Garcia had taken his frustration out on several greens on the front nine during Saturday's round at the Royal Greens course, leaving scuff marks and at least one large divot-like mark.

Garcia, 39, was subject to a fine and potential suspension, but European Tour chief executive Keith Pelley told The Scotsman that the "incident is over. We have dealt with it."

Garcia was disqualified for "serious misconduct" under Rule 1.2a of the USGA, which partially states "that players are expected to play in the spirit of the game by acting with integrity, showing consideration to others and taking good care of the course."

He was called out for purposefully driving his clubs into the surface of the green and became the first player disqualified for "serious misconduct" in the history of the European Tour.

"I respect the decision of my disqualification," a statement from Garcia read. "In frustration, I damaged a couple of greens, for which I apologize for, and I have informed my fellow players it will never happen again."

Garcia shot a 1-over 71 in the third round before being disqualified.

He also was seen slamming his club into a bunker after needing two shots to get out of the sand during Friday's round, and Garcia complained about the poor raking that left him with a difficult lie.

It is the latest in a string of on-course incidents during Garcia's career. He threw a shoe at an advertising board during a World Match Play event in 1999 and was fined two years later after kicking a golf cart and hitting a tree with his club following a two-stroke penalty for an incorrect drop.

He also reportedly was fined $10,000 in 2010 for spitting into a cup at the Doral tournament in Florida.