FREEMAN -- A 26-mph wind worked in favor of Jada Koerner and Luke Sinclair Wednesday at the Valley View Golf Course.

Freeman Academy/Marion’s Koerner and Gregory’s Sinclair overcame the wind along with the competition to claim the Region 3B individual championships. Both runners came into the race with a game plan that they both executed perfectly.

“For most of the race, I trailed behind a girl and then I passed her with a 1,000 (meters) left and it ended how I wanted it to end,” Koerner said. “I was tired, the wind was a lot. For most of my race, I had someone in front of me blocking it, but that home stretch was awful on tired legs, running directly into the wind.”

Koerner finished the race in 20 minutes and 33 seconds, nearly 11 seconds in front of the second-place finisher Emma Thomas (20:44.05) from Gregory. Sinclair finished his race in 18 minutes and 20 seconds, eight seconds in front of Kimball/White Lake’s Park Sinclair (18:28.49) who claimed second.

“I knew it was going to be super windy and I had a plan to stick with the person in front but keep that distance close” Sinclair said. “I just wanted to keep that distance close and when it came to the end, I just knew I had a better kick than him and I used that to my advantage.”

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Kimball/White Lake claimed both team titles as three runners finished in the top five on the girls side and three finished in the top seven on the boys side.

“I’m extremely proud of this team,” KWL coach Stephanie McCord said. “We had lofty goals set from the beginning of the season, some even changed based on how we’ve progressed throughout the season, but they all knew that we could do this and I'm very proud of all the kids out here today.”

On the girls side, Autumn Baker (20:59.57), Lily Baker (21:41.07) and Christine Gaulke (21:49.22) finished in third, fourth and fifth place for the Wildkats. Taya Chelmo finished in the top 10 as well, finishing eighth at 22:28.51.

KWL finished seven points above second-place team Gregory, who not only had Thomas finishing in second, but Asia VanDerWerff taking sixth in 22:11.38 and Sierra Rencountre claiming 11th at 22:38.64.

Platte-Geddes girls took third-place as a team with Dulcie Veurink (22:30.88) and Calli Slaba (22:38.15) in ninth and tenth place. Scotland’s Jenna Vitek finished in seventh-place at 22:15.50, respectively.

On the boys side, along with KWL’s Drew Ekstrum finished in sixth in 19:10.16 and Dawson Miller finished seventh at 19:11.48.

KWL held off second-place team Freeman Academy/Marion, who had Tavin Schroeder (18:35.88) claim third-place and Malachi Myers (18:37.91) claim fourth place.

Mitchell Christian and Platte-Geddes tied for third-place as each team had 45 points. Despite Platte-Geddes having its lead runner finisher two slots higher than Mitchell Christian’s, the Golden Eagles had four runners in the top-20 to the Panthers two, ultimately winning the tie-breaker.

Burke’s Fin Adams finished in fifth place at 18:48.38 while Menno’s Kadeyn Ulmer took eighth at 19:14.96 and Avon’s Tyler Tjeerdsma took ninth in 19:18.13.

Canistota's Schroeder wins Region 2B boys race

DELL RAPIDS — Canistota's Josiah Schroeder ran to a Region 2B championship Wednesday afternoon in the state-qualifying meet at Rocky Run Golf Course.

Schroeder, a junior, won the race in a time of 18 minutes, 0.69 seconds, defeating second-place finisher Ethan Haich, of Irene-Wakonda by nearly 40 seconds. The Hawks finished in a tie for the Region 2B team title with Arlington, with each team scoring 18 points but the Cardinals won the tiebreaker due to the best finish among the non-scoring pushers on the teams (18th for Arlington, 29th for Canistota).

Seventh-grader Conner Giedd was the top finisher for Howard, taking fourth place (19:44.06), with teammate Caden Schwader in 10th place (20:00.72).

Other top finishers for Canistota included senior Connor Hutcheson in fifth place (19:44.25) and Kaden Christian in 18th place (20:33.85).

In the girls race, Colman-Egan's Reese Luze won the race (21:55.08) with Presley Luze (22:01.22) in second place. Canistota's Kara Roshone finished sixth (22:36.00), while Howard's Jayden Jaynes finished 16th (23:08.76) to reach the state meet.

The top three teams and top-20 individuals from each region qualify for the state meet.

Region 3B

Wednesday at Freeman

Girls results

Team scores: 1. Kimball/White Lake, 12; 2. Gregory, 19; 3. Platte-Geddes, 38; 4. Freeman, 48; 5. Freeman Academy/Marion, 54; 6. Scotland, 56; 7. Burke, 57; 8. Avon, 74.

Top-20 individual results: 1. Jada Koerner, Freeman Academy/Marion, 20:33.14; 2. Emma Thomas, Gregory, 20:44.05; 3. Autumn Baker, Kimball/White Lake, 20:59.57; 4. Lily Baker, Kimball/White Lake, 21:41.07; 5. Christine Gaulke, Kimball/White Lake, 21:49.22; 6. Asia VanDerWerff, Gregory, 22:11.38; 7. Jenna Vitek, Scotland, 22:15.50; 8. Taya Chelmo, Kimball/White Lake, 22:28.51; 9. Dulcie Veurink, Platte-Geddes, 22:30.88; 10. Calli Slaba, Platte-Geddes, 22:38.15; 11. Sierra Rencountre, Gregory, 22:38.64; 12. Brecken Bolander, Burke, 22:44.91; 13. Ashton Massey, Menno, 22:51.30; 14. Rylee Peters, Freeman, 23:11.04; 15. Ayanna Haas, Marty, 23:17.69; 16. Avery Zeisler, Burke, 23:19.94; 17. Peyton McCune, Freeman, 23:20.80; 18. Dakota Timanus, Gregory, 23:30.51; 19. Rilyn Thury, Avon, 23:37.53; 20. Zoe Zephier, Marty, 23:39.83.

Boys results

Team scores: 1. Kimball/White Lake, 15; 2. Freeman Academy/Marion, 18; 3. Mitchell Christian, 45; 4. Platte-Geddes, 45; 5. Burke, 50; 6. Gregory, 50; 7. Menno, 55; 8. Avon, 62; 9. Bridgewater-Emery, 113.

Top-20 individual results: 1. Luke Sinclair, Gregory, 18:20.74; 2. Park Sinclair, Kimball/White Lake, 18.28.49; 3. Tavin Schroeder, Freeman Academy/Marion, 18:35.88; 4. Malachi Myers, Freeman Academy/Marion, 18:37.91; 5. Fin Adams, Burke, 18:48.38; 6. Drew Ekstrum, Kimball/White Lake, 19:10.16; 7. Dawson Miller, Kimball/White Lake, 19:11.48; 8. Kadeyn Ulmer, Menno, 19:14.96; 9. Tyler Tjeerdsma, Avon, 19:18.13; 10. Collin Engebretson, Platte-Geddes, 19:20.37; 11. Finley McConniel, Freeman Academy/Marion, 19:22.16; 12. Silas Holdeman, Mitchell Christian, 19:28.88; 13. Gavin Gustad, Platte-Geddes, 19:58.87; 14. Tim Epp, Freeman Academy/Marion, 20:11.50; 15. Pierce Stukel, Gregory, 20:14.38; 16. Nahum Anderberg, Mitchell Christian, 20:19.98; 17. Liam Pospisil, Mitchell Christian, 20:28.01; 18. Nick Nelson, Burke, 20:31.07; 19. Porter Miller, Kimball White/Lake, 20:31.72; 20. Joseph Tegethoff, Mitchell Christian, 20:32.43.