RESULTS: 2022 GPAC outdoor track and field championships

Mount Marty’s Seth Wiebelhaus was named the Most Outstanding Athlete of the meet on the men’s side, scoring 22 points for the Lancers to help the team finish fourth overall

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Track and field.
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CRETE, Neb. – After two days of competition, the Great Plains Athletic Conference outdoor track and field championships concluded on Saturday.

Mount Marty’s Seth Wiebelhaus was named the Most Outstanding Athlete of the meet on the men’s side, scoring 22 points for the Lancers, including a first-place finish in the decathlon to help the Mount Marty’s men’s team finish fourth overall.

The Doane University (Neb.) men's team took home the team victory with 182 points, while the Concordia (Neb.) team won the women's side with 216 points. Mount Marty’s men's team finished fourth with 104 points, while the women's team finished seventh with 40 points.

Dakota Wesleyan’s men's team finished in 11th place with 16 points while the women's team finished ninth overall with 23 points.

Here are the abbreviated results from the two-day meet, featuring the winner and each DWU and MMU athlete with a podium (top-eight) finish across all events and relays. Additionally, the top finishers from DWU and MMU are included for each event (where applicable).



Women's 100-meters
1. Daisy Maessner (Hastings), 12.01 seconds; 4. Elianna Clark (MMU), 12.36.

Men's 100-meters
1. Marcus Jnofinn (MMU), 10.57 seconds.

Women's 200-meters
1. Emma Bakker (Dordt), 25.16 seconds; 2. Elianna Clark (MMU), 25.70.

Men's 200-meters
1. Ben Jefferies (Briar Cliff), 21.02 seconds; 3. Nathan Simons (MMU), 21.53; 4. Paul Paul (MMU), 21.54; 7. Taven McKee (MMU), 22.04.

Women's 400-meters
1.Emma Bakker (Dordt), 56.45 seconds; 5. Calli Davis (MMU), 59.13.

Men's 400-meters
1. Ben Jefferies (Briar Cliff), 47.40 seconds; 2. Paul Paul (MMU), 47.64; 5. Nathan Simons (MMU), 48.79.

Women's 800-meters
1. Keri Bauer, (Concordia), 2 minutes, 14.01 seconds, 22.  Emily Johnson (MMU), 2:36.16.

Men's 800-meters
1. Cole Zevenbergen (Dordt), 1 minute, 56.39 seconds; 17. Mason Schlunsen (MMU), 2:01.36.


Women's 1500-meters
1. Rylee Haecker (Concordia), 4 minutes, 41.50 seconds; 17. Annika Vermeulen (DWU), 5:35.16 19. Bree Eisenhauer (MMU), 5:54.02.

Men's 1500-meters
1. Joe Anderson (Dordt), 3 minutes, 53.96 seconds; 12. Justin Sorensen (DWU), 4:14.11.

Women's 3000-meters steeplechase
1. Madison Gerken (Hastings), 11 minutes, 50.22 seconds.

Men's 3000-meters steeplechase
1. Eric Steiger (Dordt), 9 minutes, 19.63 seconds; 9. Wyatt Baldauf (DWU), 10:13.28; 11. Cristobal Gonzalez (MMU), 10:48.83.

Women's 5000-meters
1. Kristine Honomichl (Morningside), 18 minutes, 40.88 seconds.

Men's 5000-meters
1. Camden Sesna (Concordia), 15 minutes, 10.31 seconds; 11. Brian Santiago (MMU), 16:21.99; Caleb Sayler (DWU), 16:24.54.

Women's 10,000-meters
1. Allie Binder (Doane), 37 minutes, 59.41 seconds.

Men's 10,000-meters
1. Ethan Summerhays (Dordt), 32 minutes, 6.93 seconds; 3. Brian Santiago (MMU), 32:38.90.


Women's 100-meter hurdles
1. Nisa Thomas (Hastings), 14.14 seconds; 5. Ashinee George (MMU), 15.16.

Men's 110-meter hurdles
1. Zach Turner (Doane), 14.42 seconds; 2. Seth Wiebelhaus (MMU), 14.81.

Women's 400-meter hurdles
1. Jordan Koepke (Concordia), 59.90 seconds; 10. Adaya Plastow (DWU), 1:07.65.

Men's 400-meter hurdles
1. Zach Turner (Doane), 51.92 seconds; 2. Jesse Van Hemert (MMU), 51.98.


Women's 4x100-meter relay
1. Hastings, 47.13 seconds (Julyah Wilson, Lauren Tamayo, Karsen Sears, Daisy Maessner); 2. Mount Marty, 49.56 seconds (Ariel Waller, Calli Davis, Tianna Bumbace-Kuehl, Elianna Clark); 7. Dakota Wesleyan, 51.62 (Avany Long, Adaya Plastow, Taylor Pourier, Lia Guigui).

Men's 4x100-meter relay
1. Mount Marty, 41.17 seconds (Deontae Howard, Donovan Breckenridge, Taven McKee, Marcus Jnofinn).

Women's 4x400-meter relay
1, Dordt, 3:48.30 (Anmarie Stuit, Emilee Heynen, Mika Kooistra, Emma Bakker); 5. Mount Marty, 4:03.77 (Calli Davis, Elianna Clark, Tianna Bumbace-Kuehl, Ashinee George); 9. Dakota Wesleyan, 4:23.42 (Adaya Plastow, Avany Long, Ashtyn Evans, Taylor Pourier).

Men's 4x400-meter relay
1. Mount Marty, 3:13.85 (Nathan Simons, Taven McKee, Jesse Van Hemert, Paul Paul); 10. Dakota Wesleyan, 3:39.47 (Nate Rupprecht, Hunter Shanks, Justin Sorensen, Cobey Carr).


Women's 4x800-meter relay
1. Dordt, 9:12.20 (Emilee Heynen, Mika Kooistra, Bethany Ten Haken, Anmarie Stuit); 7. Mount Marty, 10:45.17 (Jordyn Fischer, Kiah Trainor, Emily Johnson, Bree Eisenhauer).

Men's 4x800-meter relay
1. Dordt, 7:39.39 (Dayton Brunsting, Cole Zevenbergen, Trey Engen, Payton Mauldin); 5. Mount Marty, 8:11.05 (Liam Vidas, Caden Ideker, Alfonso Erickson, Mason Schlunsen); 6. Dakota Wesleyan, 8:14.56 (Hunter Shanks, Justin Sorensen, Caleb Sayler, Wyatt Baldauf).


Women's long jump
1. Karsen Sears (Hastings), 6.05 meters 6. Lia Guigui (DWU), 5.34 meters 20. Kiana Payer (MMU), 4.56 meters.

Men's long jump
1. James Gilbert (Northwestern), 7.03 meters; 9. Deontae Howard (MMU), 6.65 meters.

Women's triple jump
1. Daisy Messner (Hastings), 11.41 meters; 11. Lexa Burtzlaff (MMU), 10.26 meters; 18. Ashtyn Evans (DWU), 9.97 meters.

Men's triple jump
1. Lorenzo Jones (Northwestern), 14.99 meters; 7. Cale Strong (DWU), 13.65 meters.

Women's high jump
1. Lauren Tamayo (Hastings), 1.67 meters; 3. Lia Guigui (DWU), 1,64 meters; 9. Jessica Niles (MMU), 1.54 meters.

Men's high jump
1. Shandon Reitzell (Midland), 2.11 meters.


Women's pole vault
1. Josie Pielz (Concordia), 3.85 meters; 4. Gracie Rippen (MMU), 3.40 meters.

Men's pole vault
1. Zach Bennetts (Concordia), 4.70 meters; 6. Cale Strong (DWU), 4.10 meters.

Women's shot put
1. Allison Skala (Doane), 14.66 meters 3. Lila Gronseth (DWU), 13.68 seconds; 12. Helen Flynn (MMU), 11.97 meters.

Men's shot put
1. Dylan Kucera (Midland), 18.63 meters; 3. Caden Milmine (DWU), 16.07 meters; 5. Luke Rettedal (MMU), 15.19 meters.

Women's discus throw
1. Kiara Anderson (Hastings), 47.12 meters; 5. Lila Gronseth (DWU), 41.05 meters; 20. Leighton Mlady (MMU), 33.76 meters.

Men's discus throw
1. Dylan Kucera (Midland), 51.99 meters.

Women's hammer throw
1. Sarah Ragland (Concordia), 52.05 meters; 8. Katlyn Briggs (DWU), 47.02 meters; 23. Gabrielle Goodrich (MMU), 36.08 meters.

Men's hammer throw
1. Tyler Summers (Hastings), 60.42 meters; 15. Christopher Zanotto (DWU), 44.89 meters.


Women's javelin throw
1. Allison Skala (Doane), 43.24 meters.

Men's javelin throw
1. Mason Krause (Doane), 56.91 meters.

Women's heptathlon
1. Lauren Tamayo (Hastings), 4865 points 9. Maddison Doren (MMU), 3557 points.

Men's decathlon
1. Seth Wiebelhaus (MMU), 6525 points; 7. Nate Ruppecht (DWU), 5599 points.

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