CANOVA -- Parkston edged Platte-Geddes, 2-1, for the VFW Class B 10U state baseball championship on Sunday.

Parkston finished with seven hits and scored on a walk-off single in the bottom of the sixth inning for the win.

Parkston finished 6-0 in the tourney, while also recording wins over Webster (12-1), Estelline (8-4), Alexandria (7-1), Montrose (13-0) and Britton (3-2).

Platte-Geddes earned a trip to the championship with victories over Emery (11-1), Montrose (16-0), Arlington (21-0), Webster (16-0) and Canova (4-0).

Canova finished 3-3 in the tourney, with wins over Baltic (5-2), Clark (5-3) and Salem (8-3). Salem posted a 3-1 mark and recorded victories over Parker (10-2), Castlewood (16-6) and De Smet (5-4). Montrose posted a 2-2 record, while Emery finished 1-2 and Alexandria went 0-3.