SCOTLAND - The six-year drought came to an end Sunday in Scotland.

The Scotland amateur baseball team earned its first victory against a South Central League opponent since 2013, with a 7-4 victory over nearby Tabor in Scotland. That was the end of what's been figured as a 109-game losing streak against league foes between South Central League play and District 6B competition.

How Scotland defeated the Bluebirds is probably just as unlikely as 100-plus league losses in a row: they didn't have a single hit.

To score seven runs, Scotland drew 13 walks, had three batsmen and had a strong combined pitching performance from Scott Ulmer and Hunter Martin. Six different players drove in runs, all without a hit.

"We were absolutely ecstatic," said Dalton Mogck, who is the team's manager this year.

Mogck has played on the team for the last six years, and said the victory is emblematic of a new attitude this season.

"It's not just our team, or the mood of our team," Mogck said. "The crowds we've had have been triple in size of what we've had the last few years."

Mogck said the roster has turned over quite a bit from last year, bringing back just four players from 2018.

"We had a lot of our older guys retire, and for the first time in a long time, we have a lot of speed. ... We have more fast guys than we have my speed-type guys," Mogck joked.

In Sunday's game, Ulmer pitched 6 1/3 innings with eight strikeouts, scattering three walks, four hits and four runs. Hunter Martin earned the save with 2 2/3 innings pitched, four strikeouts, one walk, one hit allowed and zero runs.

Mogck took over as manager, even though he didn't really want to manage the team, saying he "fought it all winter."

"But I really didn't want to see it fold," Mogck said. "I knew quite a few guys that wanted to play, but were timid in the past and we worked on getting those guys on our team. I think we've got at least six guys that haven't played since Midgets (level)."

Scotland, now 1-2 in SCL play, is scheduled to travel to Irene on Thursday.