The Dakota Wesleyan cheer and dance team is currently working on ways to make cheer and dance a competitive sport and Anne Huber is leading the way.

Huber, a Mitchell native, is head coach of DWU’s cheer and dance, looking to grow the team so that, by next year, cheer and dance can compete competitively.

The DWU cheer and dance team currently has six girls on the roster and even though Huber knows forming a team for competition is a work in process, she believes there are students on campus right now that she can spark interest in.

"I feel like if I can get the cheer in order, I can start recruiting for the dance," Huber said. "I'd love to get my name out there and get girls more aware of it so they can see what I have going on and then I can grow the program."

Huber started her journey with Linda Feterl School of Dance in Mitchell when she was 4 years old. She danced with the Feterl School through her years at Mitchell High School and went on to dance at Augustana University for four years. Huber returned to Mitchell and began working under Feterl at the dance studio, founding her dance business, A.H.hhh…Dance.

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Huber's business consisted of local high schooler students who tried out for the team. In 2017, Huber started another dance team for middle schooler students.

A.H.hhh…Dance has performed in Mitchell and surrounding areas for the past 24 years. While Huber's business was strictly performance based and not competitive, that's what motivated to take the DWU job. Huber wanted to create this opportunity for people like herself that didn't have competitive outlets within the sport.

“They didn't have competitive cheer back in my day or competitive dance back when I danced,” Huber said. “I wanted to take these girls and give them an opportunity to do something more than just the recital performances.”

Huber said students moved in Aug. 9, and hopes to meet and build a relationship with anyone who has interest. Even though the team had its first practice on Aug. 11, Huber still wants to add others to the team. She intends to send a memo out around DWU’s campus to anyone who may be interested and plans to host a tryout at a later date.

Huber is excited for what the program is building and all the encouragement she’s received from local supporters.

“I love every minute of this process and I love those girls,” Huber said. “I’m excited to bring what I have to DWU and I love doing what I do. I love seeing the girls' sense of accomplishment when we work together as a team and can go out and perform and they feel so good about it. That just gives me the best feeling.”

DWU cheer and dance will be performing at every home football and basketball game this season.