Forty-two competitors and nine total teams filled the Mitchell Aquatic Center and the streets of Mitchell on Saturday.

The fifth annual Mitchell Area Community Triathlon took place over the weekend, with competitors participating in a 500-meter snake swim, a 14-mile bike ride on the east side of Mitchell and a 5K around the north side of Hitchcock Park. Twenty-five males and 17 females finished the triathlon.

In the men's event, Huron's Ethan Marquardt won in 1:09:38.59, knocking off last year's winner Lance Bergeson. The Hartford native finished in 1:13:12.75 this year. Harrisburg's Ken Winter crossed the line in 1:13:14.93 to capture third place.

Kathy Grady, of Sioux Falls, won the women's race for the second straight year. Grady finished in 1:13:42.05. Harrisburg's Brigitte Setness claimed second in 1:16:07.71. Rapid City's Amanda Meredith-Dunlop came in third in 1:17:15.67.

In the team competition, Mitchell's CPR's recorded the winning time of 1:19:25.45. The team consisted of Paul Rasmussen, Celeste Fergen and Russ Fergen. Mitchell's 40 Squad, which won the past three years, took second on Saturday in 1:27:22.06. The team consisted of Kyle Glanzer, James Krall and Coby Lee. Mitchell's Pink Ladies team of Heidi Ostrem, Amanda Patzer and Amanda Frohling took third in 1:36:18.02.