The recent and anticipated wet weather forced the South Dakota High School Activities Association into action.

On Wednesday, it announced the move of the Class B state golf championships to Yankton. It was originally scheduled to take place in Mitchell, with the boys playing at Wild Oak Golf Course and the girls at Lakeview Golf Course.

The 36-hole, two-day tournament will still be held on June 3-4, but with the boys competing at the Hillcrest Golf and Country Club and the girls at Fox Run Golf Course in Yankton.

Wild Oak manager Dave Backlund said the course is not flooded at the moment. Rather it is having difficulty soaking up the groundwater after a wet spring, which Wild Oak has no control over.

Therefore, with more rain expected this weekend, Backlund didn't feel comfortable, "guaranteeing we'll have 18 holes open for them by the time the tournament rolls around." Six holes on the bottom of the course have not been used this season, while Holes 10-15 are currently unplayable.

"It's one of those where if we had three, four days of sun and wind like we did today, in a week we'd be able to have carts down there probably," Backlund said. "But if we get an inch or two of rain, we could be right back to not allowing carts and golf on the bottom until it dries up."

Backlund anticipated the change for the past couple of weeks, saying he's been in contact with coaches and the state.

Due to this change, the 2020 Class B state championships, which were originally scheduled to be in Yankton, could be moved to Mitchell. The SDHSAA staff is recommending the relocation of it to its board of directors.

If the change gets approved, Backlund would gladly try to host the state tournament again.

"Absolutely. I think it's a good event for both golf courses (Lakeview)," Backlund said. "It's a good event to bring to the town. It gets the hotels full and the retail business should increase that weekend. It's a good thing for Mitchell."