SIOUX FALLS-Eleven members of the Mitchell High School chapter of the Mitchell Powerlifting Club competed in the South Dakota High School state powerlifting championships on Saturday at Sioux Falls Roosevelt, capturing the first Class A championship in the club's history.

Tristen Hildebrandt closed out her high school career by winning the 94-pound girls class, totaling 340 pounds through a 110-pound squat, 60-pound bench press and 170-pound deadlift.

Carson Max took second in the 205 boys class, lifting a total of 1,255 pounds. Max squatted 450, benched 280 and deadlifted 525.

Jared Street took seventh in the 205 class with a total lift of 1,055 and Lauren Sparks placed fifth in the 125-pound class, lifting a total of 500 pounds.