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Breuer cashes in at Corn Palace Stampede

Denton Fugate, of Dixon, Mo., rides Legal Age in the bull riding event the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo on Sunday night in Mitchell. (Matt Gade / Republic)

Casey Breuer continued the strong run of family bareback rides on Sunday.

The Mandan, North Dakota cowboy scored an 84 on the horse "Tumbling Dice" during the final night of the four-night Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo.

Breuer's ride was the high-point ride for the night and it tied Tate Schwagler's 84 on Thursday night overall for the rodeo. Breuer and Schwagler, also from Mandan, each pocketed $1,723 for their rides.

It was another big payday for a bareback rider named Breuer. Casey's brother, Ty Breuer, recently won the Sheridan, Wyoming rodeo and took home $5,237.

Casey Breuer will meet up with his brother and another traveling partner/bareback rider, Tanner Aus, soon for more rodeos. The riders are all chasing a spot in the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada in December.

"We kind of fuel each other and we want each other to ride good and that helps out," Casey Breuer said. "It dang sure makes a big difference with the guys you travel with."

He's been doing his part. He tied Aus for the top spot at the Sitting Bull Stampede Rodeo in Mobridge during the Fourth of July. They each won $1,604.

"I kind of had a decent Fourth and then after the Fourth, I started drawing pretty dang good again," Breuer said. "So rodeos have been fun again."

The fun continued on Sunday for Breuer with his 84 on the horse from the Sutton Rodeo Company bucking stock. The horse used to buck in the bronc riding and he had asked some bronc riders for a scouting report.

"She finished really good too and I was lucky to get a good one, too," he said of "Tumbling Dice". "That's for sure. That is half your score."

Heith DeMoss, who rode on Thursday night, finished in the top spot in the saddle bronc riding. He took home $2,425. DeMoss entered the week 13th in the world standings and continued his strong season with the ride on Thursday.

NOTE: An official attendance figure was not available when this edition went to press.

Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo

At Horseman's Sports Arena

Sunday's Results

Bareback riding: 84, Casey Breuer, Mandan, North Dakota; 80, Matt Borton, Kalamazoo, Michigan; 77, Tyler Waltz, Martin, Tennessee; 77, Anthony Thomas, Palestine, Texas; 58, Cole Picton, Marshall, Missouri.

Steer wrestling: 8.0, Tom Uttermark, Morris, Oklahoma; 14.9, Reed Kraeger, Avoca, Nebraska.

Saddle bronc riding: 77, Shorty Garrett, Eagle Butte; 76, Will Smith, Marshall, Missouri; 75, Chuck Schmidt, Keldron; 75, Joaquin Real, Santa Paula, California; 71, Weston Pierschbacher, Kellerton, Iowa.

Tie-down roping: 8.4, Justin Scofield, Wessington Springs; 10.0, Riley Wakefield, O'Neill, Nebraska; 10.0, Newt Bruley, Willow Lake; 10.8, Riley Wakefield, O'Neill, Nebraska.

Team roping: 5.3, Logan Olson, Flandreau/Matt Kasner, Cody, Nebraska; 5.5, Layne Carson, Grassy Butte, Nebraska/Elliott Gourneau, Kennebec; 5.5, Don Bettelyoun, Eagle Butte/Clint Harry, Nixon, Nevada; 19.9, Levi O'Keefe, Mohall, North Dakota/Jade Nelson, Midland.

Barrel racing: 15.72, Robin Beck, Moville, Iowa; 15.84, Calyssa Kindred, Harrold; 15.90, Ashley Baur, Virnamwood, Wisconsin; 15.99, Wendy Bechen, Rapid City; 16.00, Korrina Lynn Hughes, Glenwood, Iowa; 16.15, Christy Wilert, Kadoka; 16.19, Kristine Knauf, Chilton, Wisconsin; 16.54, Kaitlyn Latham, Flandreau; 21.17, Karissa Gipple, Merrill, Wisconsin; 21.81, Lacinda Rose, Willard, Missouri; 21.95, Lindsey O'Keeffe, Mohall, North Dakota.

Bull riding: 83, Travis Smith, Thayer, Missouri; 79, Jeff Bertus, Avon.

Final Results

Bareback riding: 84, Tate Schwagler, Mandan, North Dakota, $1,723.77; 84, Casey Breuer, Mandan, North Dakota, $1,723.77; 81, Logan Corbett, Las Cruces, New Mexico, $1,105.81; 80, Jamie Howlett, Roma, Australia, $585.42; 80, Matt Borton, Kalamazoo, Michigan, $585.42; 79, Shane O'Connell, Rapid City, $325.24; 78, Devan Reilly, Sheridan, Wyoming, $260.19; 77, Anthony Thomas, Palestine, Texas, $97.57; 77, Tyler Waltz, Martin, Tennessee, $97.57.

Steer wrestling (average): 9.8, Jake Rinehart, Highmore, $2,219.74; 10.5, Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, Nebraska, $1,837.02; Brad Johnson, Reva, $1,454.31; 10.7, Cameron Morman, Glen Ullin, North Dakota, $1,071.80; 12.9, Jon Ragatz, Beetown, Wisconsin, $688.88; 13.1, Kody Woodward, Dupree, $382.71; (Second round leaders): 4.6, Chason Floyd, Buffalo, Buffalo, $1,479.82; 4.7, Brad Johnson, Reva, $1,097.11; 4.7, Cole Fulton, Miller, $1,097.11; 5.0, Jake Rinehart, Highmore, $714.39; 5.1, Kody Woodward, Dupree, $459.25; 5.2, Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, Nebraska, $127.57; 5.2, Cody Kroul, Solon, Iowa.

Saddle bronc riding: 84, Heith Allan DeMoss, $2,425.20; 83, Doug Aldridge, Carthage, Missouri, $1,859.32; 81, Ty Thompson, Wanblee, $1,374.28; 80.5, Wade Sundell, Coleman, Oklahoma, Ramblin Man, $889.24; 80, Carter Elshere, Elm Springs, $565.88; 77, J.J. Elshere, Hereford, $363.78; 77, Shorty Garrett, Eagle Butte, $363.78; 76.5, Ross Griffin, Tularosa, New Mexico, $121.26; 76.5, Will Smith, Marshall, Missouri, $121.26.

Tie-down roping (average): 18.8, Cooper Martin, Alma, Kansas, $1,752.42; 19.2, Cody Quaney, Cheney, Kansas, $1,450.28; 19.3, Trey Young, Dupree, $1,148.14; 19.7, Ace Slone, Cuero, Texas, $848; 20.2, Newt Bruley, Willow Lake, $422.99; 20.2, Clint Kindred, Oral, $422.99; (second round leaders): 7.1, Cooper Martin, Alma, Kansas, $1,168.28; 8.4, Justin Scofield, Wessington Springs, $966.85; 8.7, Rex Treeby, Hecla, $765.42; 9.2, Cody Quaney, Cheney, Kansas, $564.00; 9.5, Cimarron Boardman, Stephenville, Texas, $362.57; 9.5, Dane Kissack, Spearfish, $201.42.

Team roping: 5.0, Charly Crawford, Prineville, Oregon/Joseph Harrison, Overbrook, Oklahoma, $2,764.50 (each); 5.1, Eli Lord, Sturgis/Paul Griemsman, Piedmont, $2,473.50; 5.2, Jesse Stipes, Salina, Oklahoma/Jake Clay, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, $2,182.50; 5.3, Logan Olson, Flandreau/Matt Kasner, Cody, Wyoming, $1,891.50; 5.4, Lane Ivy, Adrian, Texas/Buddy Hawkins, II,Columbus, Kansas, $1,600.50; 5.5, Layne Carson, Grassy Butte/Elliott Gourneau,Kennebec, $1,018.50; 5.5, Don Bettelyoun, Eagle Butte/Clint Harry, Nixon, Nevada, $1,018.50; 5.5, Cale Markham, Vinta, Oklahoma/Austin Rogers, Crescent, Oklahoma, $1,018.50; 5.9, Clint Whipple, St. Francis/Riley Wakefield, O'Neill, Nebraska, $436.50; 6.0, Tim Nelson, Midland/Jake Nelson, Creighton, $145.50.

Barrel racing: 15.25, Ericka Nelson, Century, Florida; $2,378.20; 15.52, Alexis Baratka, Phillips, Wisconsin, $2,021.47; 15.53, Jessica Leach, Rockville, Nebraska, $1,664.74; 15.62, Bailee Murnion, Bowman, North Dakota, $1,426.92; 15.64, Tamie Jo Martin, Wood Lake, Minnesota, $1,189.10; 15.65, Jessie Telford, Caldwell, Idaho, $832.37; 15.67, Kelly Wheelhouse, Pierre, $594.55; 15.68, Tammy Watson, Garretson, $475.64; 15.69, Rainy Robinson, Caldwell, Idaho, $416.18; 15.70, Emily Miller, Weatherford, Oklahoma, $356.73; 15.72, Robin Beck, Moville, Iowa, $267.54; 15.72, Jessica Routier, Buffalo, $267.54.

Bull riding: 85, Wyatt Gregg, Belle Fourche, $2,961; 84.5, Bart Miller, Pleasanton, Nebraska, $2,270.10; 83, Travis Smith, Thayer, Missouri, $1,677.90; 82, Tyson Donovan, Sturgis, $1,085.70; 81, Coleman Entze, Golden Valley, North Dakota, $690.90; 79, Logan Beckett, Rapid City, $444.15; 79, Jeff Bertus, Avon, $444.15; 78, Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, North Dakota, $296.10.