Mitchell native Mike Miller spent the past two days rubbing shoulders on national television with NBA legends Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Tracy McGrady.

Miller guest starred on ESPN’s daily NBA show “The Jump,” on Wednesday and Thursday. Miller, who recently finished his 17th NBA season, was asked by McGrady about his future in the NBA on Thursday.

“Next year will be 18 years and you are very good at this TV thing,” McGrady said to Miller. “How many more years you want to go?”

“I still enjoy it,” Miller answered. “I love playing and my family still likes me playing. It takes something special for me to walk away from it right now, if there is a job out there for me. So we will see how long it is.”

“Basically what he is saying is ‘I got $3 million left on my deal. I can’t walk away from that,’ ” McGrady joked.

Miller and McGrady spent three and half seasons playing together with the Orlando Magic. The friends reminisced about their time in Orlando. McGrady remembered how furious he was when the team traded Miller to the Memphis Grizzlies in 2003.

“I was mad as h--- they traded my guy away and the next game I took it out on Chicago,” McGrady said. “I had 52 (points).”

When Miller was asked about his favorite McGrady memory, he told the story when he sprained his ankle in the first quarter against the Washington Wizards.

“He goes ‘Don’t worry about it. I am going to take care of this for you,’ ” Miller said. “The man had 61 (points) in three quarters.”

Miller continued to rave about his former teammate and called the future hall of famer one of the most underrated players in NBA history.

“If he played in this day in age, it would be really, really ridiculous the numbers he would put up,” Miller said. “It was a pleasure playing with him.”

Miller, McGrady and Abdul-Jabbar also discussed the NBA playoffs and other topics on the show. Host Rachel Nichols made a reference to Miller’s seven 3-pointers in Game 5 of the 2012 NBA Finals. She also brought up Miller making his memorable 3-pointer in the 2013 NBA Finals with just one shoe on.