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Health Fusion: How to know if you're drinking enough liquid in hot weather
Mon Jun 27 08:25:00 EDT 2022
Drinking liquid in hot weather is key to avoiding heat-related illness. How much do you need and what should you drink? In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams gets heatwave hydration info from an Emergency Medicine doctor.

Health Fusion: Herbs can boost flavor and your health. Here's a quick and easy way to make fresh herbs last longer
Fri Jun 24 08:25:00 EDT 2022
If you don't have a side veggie for tonight's dinner, no problem. Toss in a big bunch of fresh herbs. They're full of flavor and can boost your health. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams checks out the benefits of herbs and gives a tip on how to store them so they last longer.

Health Fusion: Turn lights off when sleeping at night to avoid obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure
Thu Jun 23 08:25:00 EDT 2022
Exposure to light during sleep increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure for older adults. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams shares what sleep experts say about the health hazards even small amounts of light may cause.

Health Fusion: Add a little color to your world for enhanced well being
Mon Jun 20 15:12:38 EDT 2022
How your city or town looks influences your stress level and well being. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams shares details of a study that explores how a city that has color — even if its virtual — may be good for your health.

Health Fusion: Overcome by the heat. What to do when heat-related illnesses strike
Fri Jun 17 10:26:24 EDT 2022
Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious conditions that can happen to anyone when the temperature and humidity soar. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams highlights signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses and gives tips from experts on what to do if they happen.

Health Fusion: No air conditioning? Get tips on how to handle extreme heat
Thu Jun 16 08:25:00 EDT 2022
Hot, humid weather puts everyone at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion" with Viv Williams, find out how to prevent heat-related illness.

Health Fusion: Your diet might not be as healthy as you think
Wed Jun 15 08:25:00 EDT 2022
Are you eating healthy meals regularly? Are you sure? Nutrition experts say most people think their meal plans are healthier than they really are. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams looks at a new study to find out why so many adults are missing the mark with food.

Health Fusion: Lifeguard shortages mean you should know what drownings really look like
Tue Jun 14 16:05:28 EDT 2022
Fewer lifeguards at area swimming spots means parents and others will have to be vigilant. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams gets details of what really happens when someone's drowning? from a Mayo Clinic emergency medicine doctor.

Health Fusion: Optimism linked to living longer, study shows
Mon Jun 13 11:09:34 EDT 2022
Now there's another good reason to get out of bed with a smile on your face. Optimists live longer. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams checks out a new study that explores optimism's impact on longevity in diverse groups of people.

Health Fusion: Binge drinking may increase your risk of alcohol issues
Fri Jun 10 08:25:00 EDT 2022
After a night of binge drinking, you might end up with a nasty hangover the next day. But, there's more. A new study shows those occasions of over indulgence also may raise your risk of developing problems with alcohol, even for moderate drinkers. Viv Williams has details in this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion."