Person, Roesler top Region 3B runners: Burke, FAM claim team titles

Burke's Hallie Person races during the Region 3B cross country meet on Wednesday at Lake Platte Golf Course in Platte. (Jeremy Karll / Republic)

PLATTE -- The wind was gusting on Wednesday at Lake Platte Golf Course, but that didn’t stop Hallie Person or Titus Roesler.

Burke’s Person and Freeman Academy/Marion’s Roesler both withstood the wind to race past the competition for convincing Region 3B individual championships. They also helped their respective teams to first-place finishes in the team standings.

Burke edged Kimball/White Lake by one point on the girls side, while Platte-Geddes also qualified for the state meet on Oct. 24 in Rapid City. Platte-Geddes and Mitchell Christian joined FAM in qualifying on the boys side, as well.

“We were out of the running last year -- we got third,” FAM coach Suzanne Koerner said. “Nice to get a plaque again and get the streak going again. We’re very happy with that.”

Person, an eighth-grader, simply wanted to help her team on Wednesday, and she did with a first-place finish.


She led for the entire race, and her lead only increased the further along the race went. Her time of 19 minutes, 37.25 seconds was more than a minute faster than Gregory’s Emma Thomas (20:53.56), who finished in second place.

“I think both,” Person said when asked if it’s harder or easier to be so far ahead of the pack. “You don’t want it to get in your head that you’re that far ahead of them and slow down. But also, it’s nice to know you’re that far ahead and they don’t really have a chance at passing you.”

Brecken Bolander (21:40.31) and Piper Hanson (21:55.69) finished eighth and ninth, respectively, for the first-place Cougars, as well. It was key for Burke to stave off Kimball/White Lake, which had two top-five finishers in Sidney McCord (21:29.41, fourth place) and Autumn Baker (21:32.88, fifth place). FAM’s Jada Koerner (21:07.03) took third.

“I’m so proud of both teams,” Burke coach Laurie Kenzy said. “They stepped up and did it. They ran great.”

The wind died down a little for the boys race, as Roesler said it didn’t impact him. He changed his race plan midway through, though. He initially wanted to draft off people, but the slower pace led to him taking a lead and never giving it back.

Roesler (17:33.00) won the race by more than 40 seconds, and was also joined by teammate Tavin Schroeder (18:37.21, third place) in the top three.

“I enjoy breaking away a little bit because then I focus on how I’m racing and not necessarily how my competitor is,” Roesler said.

Bon Homme’s Nate Hall (18:16.91) took second, while Mitchell Christian’s Nathanael Anderberg (18:50.15) finished in fourth. Platte-Geddes’ duo of Nate Whalen (18:50.78) and Collin Engebretson (18:51.78) finished in fifth and sixth, respectively. Mitchell Christian’s Max Reynen took seventh in 18:55.75.


Girls results

Team scores: 1. Burke, 18; 2. Kimball/White Lake, 19; 3. Platte-Geddes, 28; 4. Hanson, 41; 5. Gregory, 45; 6. Freeman Academy/Marion, 54; 7. Andes Central/Dakota Christian, 56; 8. Bon Homme, 84; 9. Avon, 101.

Top-20 individual results: 1. Hallie Person, Burke, 19:37.25; 2. Emma Thomas, Gregory, 20:53.56; 3. Jada Koerner, Freeman Academy/Marion, 21:07.03; 4. Sidney McCord, Kimball/White Lake, 21:29.41; 5. Autumn Baker, Kimball/White Lake, 21:32.88; 6. Katie Holter, Platte-Geddes, 21:33.24; 7. Kelly Sondgeroth, Platte-Geddes, 21:39.12; 8. Brecken Bolanders, Burke, 21:40.31; 9. Piper Hanson, Burke, 21:55.69; 10. Taya Chelmo, Kimball/White Lake, 22:01.00; 11. Ashton Massey, Menno, 22:08.28; 12. Eliza Oltmanns, Hanson, 22:14.62; 13. Morgan Edelman, Menno, 22:19.09; 14. Isabella Brouwer, Andes Central/Dakota Christian, 22:21.44; 15. Christine Gaulke, Kimball/White Lake, 22:25.75; 16. Alyssa Moschell, Hanson, 22:29.28; 17. Calli Slaba, Platte-Geddes, 22:30.34; 18. Cadence Jarding, Hanson, 22:32.02; 19. Peyton Hellman, Bon Homme, 22:34.66; 20. Lexi Schoenfelder, Andes Central/Dakota Christian, 22:39.00.

Boys results

Team scores: 1. Freeman Academy/Marion, 15; 2. Platte-Geddes, 23; 3. Mitchell Christian, 31; 4. Kimball/White Lake, 39; 5. Gregory, 49; 6. Bon Homme, 58; 7. Menno, 60; 8. Burke, 81; 9. Bridgewater-Emery, 101; 10. Hanson, 109; 11. Tripp-Delmont/Armour, 111.

Top-20 individual results: 1. Titus Roesler, Freeman Academy/Marion, 17:33.00; 2. Nate Hall, Bon Homme, 18:16.91; 3. Tavin Schroeder, Freeman Academy/Marion, 18:37.31; 4. Nathanael Anderberg, Mitchell Christian, 18:50.15; 5. Nate Whalen, Platte-Geddes, 18:50.78; 6. Collin Engebretson, Platte-Geddes, 18:51.78; 7. Max Reynen, Mitchell Christian, 18:55.75; 8. Luke Sinclair, Gregory, 19:20.91; 9. Park Sinclair, Kimball/White Lake, 19:21.50; 10. Fin Adams, Burke, 19:34.03; 11. Thalen Schroeder, Freeman Academy/Marion, 19:35.41; 12. Gavin Gustad, Platte-Geddes, 19:41.62; 13. Kadeyn Ulmer, Menno, 19:43.69; 14. Dawson Miller, Kimball/White Lake, 19:50.22; 15. Carson Klundt, Gregory, 19:50.72; 16. Drew Ekstrum, Kimball/White Lake, 19:51.00; 17. Jaden Stevenson, Bridgewater-Emery, 19:52.91; 18. Tim Epp, Freeman Academy/Marion, 19:55.28; 19. Peter Backes, Andes Central/Dakota Christian, 20:00.97; 20. Tyler Tjeerdsma, Avon, 20:06.15.

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