Stadler: Outlook not positive as 2023 begins

'The divisive, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, Marxist movement we see today transcends any single political party.'

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To the Editor:

As we enter into a new year, sadly my outlook is not positive.

The Democrat party is overrun with narcissistic, pathological-lying anti-Americans committing a plethora of deceptive, perverse, divisive, corrupt, criminal, and treasonous acts. They conspire against and blatantly lie about Republicans, conservatives, White people, Christians, and Christianity, making them the scapegoat for all of America’s ills, while it is the Democrats committing all the divisive racist, criminal, totalitarian behavior. And they make no apologies for it! In fact, they proudly defend it!

BUT Republicans are not off the hook! They have had decades to thwart the totalitarian Marxist movement and have done nothing to stop it! They campaign about how conservative they are and what they’ll do, but once in office, it’s the same old complacency and capitulation to the Marxist movement.

Worse, now Republican Congressional Representative-elect George Santos joins the ranks of the narcissistic pathological liars, blatantly lying about his background, and makes no apologies for it. His excuse is that Democrats do it, so why shouldn’t he?


America is falling apart within, but nothing has been done to hold treasonous anti-American criminals in office and their aiding and abetting anti-American financial donors and supporters accountable.

Oh, a select few true conservative Republicans will risk it all fighting against the tyranny. Unfortunately, they are vastly outnumbered by high-powered establishment RINOs within the GOP. That holds true throughout executive, legislative, and judicial branches in local, state, and federal levels. Sadly, there are only a very select few conservative Republicans I trust, even in the South Dakota legislature.

And, I can’t help but wonder, where are all the young conservatives that should be stepping up to the plate? Are there any? Or were they all indoctrinated into Marxist ideology in our academic institutions?

In short, the divisive, anti-American, anti-Constitutional, Marxist movement we see today transcends any single political party. At my age, I fear not for me. Instead, I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren. Unless true conservatives unite and stand against the destructive Marxist corruption, America will become Amerika.

Dwight Stadler

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