LETTER: What is a Republican?

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To the Editor:

The “day the music died” noted the deaths of The Big Bopper, Richie Valens and Buddy Holly.

In two days, the Republican Party died when John McCain and President George H.W. Bush died.

It’s the Trump Cult (TC) — no Constitution, just lawlessness. Messers John Thune and Mike Rounds never talk Constitution except to pervert the Second Amendment. Candidates for office should change (R) to (TC).

Ronald Reagan had a disdain for Russia, e.g. the Berlin Wall. Repubs today kiss up to Russia, and Trump to Putin. Moscow Mitch McConnell dropped sanctions on an oligarch and didn’t take up bills to protect our elections. Thune celebrated the Fourth of July in Russia. Messers Rounds, Thune and Dusty Johnson and Ms. Kristi Noem aren’t clear on involvement with Russian spies in South Dakota, Maria Butina and Paul Erickson, and they like Trump’s policies. They bat 1.000 percent in approving thugs and scandalous people for government positions, “the best people.”


Once fiscal responsibility was a Republican quality. George Bush’s two unfunded wars and prescription drugs raised the deficit. The tax cut for the top 1 percent bumped the deficit $1.6 trillion dollars — Thune, Rounds and Noem did that and in 2019 — another trillion dollars.

In the Clinton and Obama years, the deficit was going down.

Lincoln’s party ended slavery, spoke the Gettysburg address and united the Union. Today, Mr. Trump divides by ethnicity, religion, class and racism. Republicans prevent people from voting, cage kids, divide families, prey on the vulnerable — farmers, LGBTQ, the poor, people of color, the hungry, etc.

In 10 and a half years, the Republicans only legislation is a tax cut for the top 1 percent. Moscow Mitch is a coward and won’t present many bills from Congress for a vote.

I believe in liberty and justice for all — and truth. I so want to respect and trust our legislators, but in two days, the music died.

Dan Brandt


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