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Letter: Transporting illegal foreigners to blue cities and states is genius

Democrats declare that protecting our borders is racist.

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To the Editor:

Transporting illegal foreigners to blue cities and states is genius. What such blue cities and states are experiencing pales in comparison to what US states bordering Mexico are experiencing. The Democrats are crying foul, yet they have no concern whatsoever when the problems they create land on someone else’s doorstep.

Democrats declare that protecting our borders is racist. They fully support shipping illegal foreigners, including terrorists, gang bangers, drug dealers, violent criminals, sex traffickers, pedophiles, rapists, etc. amongst those illegals, on midnight flights to red states. They promise amnesty, driver’s licenses, sanctuary refuge and want the illegals to vote for them based upon their claims of diversity, fairness, equity, and doling out millions of taxpayer dollars to support the illegals. They declare the borders are secure.

But, now when they’re getting a taste of reality, they’re whining and want to call in the National Guard. It’s not fair. They declare Texas Governor Abbott and Florida Governor DeSantis are racist bigots. I guess Democrats haven’t looked in the mirror lately.

As for Democrats and other Liberals that will accuse me of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, and whatever other name-calling they can conjure up, I fully support immigration - LEGAL immigration. Illegals are called such because they violated Federal law entering America ILLEGALLY. The Democrats supporting such criminal activity, along with their other George Soros funded Marxist-driven initiatives, should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting such criminals not to mention treason.


Dwight Stadler


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