Letter: Tough time for tenants

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To the Editor:

It was very encouraging to hear Megan Pederson of Slate Creek Properties talking about helping her tenants with public assistance — not looking to evict anyone — and saying she’d be understanding if a tenant used their stimulus check for food, clothing or diapers. Way to go, Megan, you are thinking of our community!

And then there’s Elena McKewon of Mills Property Management — who said she is helping her tenants also — waiving credit card payment fees, offering payment plans, and supplying information on services and programs available. Way to go, Elena — you are thinking of your community.

And then there’s Boyd Reimnitz, owner of Mid-Dakota Properties. He says he’s had a lot of interest from people from out-of-state; people from cities with higher population densities, wanting to rent. Reimnitz didn’t speculate whether the high infection numbers spreading rapidly in major cities is a factor in motivating the increase in out-of-state tenants who are interested in moving to Mitchell.

I say common sense would tell you they want to move away from highly infected areas. I just hope and pray that all the hard work that the people from Mitchell and Davison County have done to stop the spread of this highly contagious disease isn’t in vain. Reimnitz also states “Not one tenant has asked to terminate their lease in the midst of the virus.” Not yet anyway.


I can’t, won’t, give you a “way to go — you are thinking or our community.”

Stewart Hanson


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