Letter: Time to be real and end the deception?

Why is this paper deceptively promoting the anti-American agendas of communist China and Islamic fascism?

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To the Editor:

On April 17, this paper ran a deceptive hit piece against Governor Noem written by Christopher Vondracek.

He characterized Noem’s statement that the November elections were rigged as “false claims of a stolen election”. On April 20, Mike Lindell released a documentary titled, “Absolute Interference” on that included the testimony of a credentialed cybersecurity expert who validated 19 cyberattacks that originated from communist China that flipped over a half million votes from Trump to Biden in five swing states that Biden won. Without those 19 attacks, Trump would have won the election and would still be in the White House and confirms the election was stolen by communist China.

Then came many executive orders signed by the puppet dictator, including those that have now created an assault on our southern border. Noem’s tweet said, “South Dakota won’t be taking any illegal immigrants that the Biden Administration wants to relocate. My message to illegal immigrants…call me when you’re an American.”

Vondracek deceptively took the tweet out of context by saying, “she told refugees looking to seek asylum in the United States — long a right under federal law — to ‘call me when you're American.' Noem was speaking to “illegal immigrants”, not those legally trying to seek asylum.


Vondracek’s deception also used a letter by Taneeza Islam that admitted, “These are children seeking refuge in our country through a legal process – asylum.” Again, Noem was referring to “illegal immigrants”, and not legal refugees. Vondracek used Islam’s letter to call Noem’s “post part of a pattern of ‘racism and bigotry.’”

Islam has worked for at least two Muslim Brotherhood organizations whose purpose is to destroy the United States. On November 27, 2017, I asked Islam if she would denounce the Muslim Brotherhood and their support of Hamas. She ducked the question.

Earlier in 2017, Islam tried to cancel Shahram Hadian, whose family were refugees from Iran, from coming to Sioux Falls and explain why he converted to Christianity. Islam is a bigot who does not support all refugees.

Why is this paper deceptively promoting the anti-American agendas of communist China and Islamic fascism?

Steve Sibson


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