Letter: The struggles of online learning

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To the Editor:

Ever since college campuses turned to online class format, there has been a lack of motivation to complete assignments and attend online lectures. Personally, I feel as if my education is being hindered; I am certain many other students feel the same. Many students were forced to move out of their dorms, leaving them no option other than to move back in with their parents or guardians.

A home is a great place to spend time with the family, enjoy home cooked meals, and relax. However, it is not always a great place to study, write papers, and complete quizzes and exams. I used to spend days in the library where it was quiet, and I could get my schoolwork completed and spend hours studying for exams always around the corner. Sitting in a classroom is no comparison to sitting in front of a computer screen. Students need the interaction of professors and classmates to succeed.

I want parents and educators aware that college students are not in the right mind or place to focus their full potential on education. There is a pandemic happening, and we are not focused as students. We are focused on the health of our community, our friends, and our family. This is a heavy situation for all the college students who are missing their friends, now miles away, their ever so needed independence, and of course the campus they used to call home. College campuses are where students grow and soak in the information they need later in life through an active learning classroom. It is not the same to roll out of bed in the morning and open a computer in a room full of distractions.

I am writing this to remind parents that we are still hard at work and we are trying our best to balance our personal life and education. Finals are nearing, and in South Dakota the pandemic is worsening; it truly is a perfect storm for students. Now, especially, is the time that college students need the support and the motivation to keep learning and succeeding.


Kyla Crago

University of South Dakota student

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