Letter: The nation needs term limits and campaign finance reform

I must admit that I’m vexed by the notion that all of the world’s great civilizations have crumbled.

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To the editor:

I have firmly believed for quite some time that if we really wanted to be a “Laboratory of Democracy,” that we need at least two major changes in the way that our Congress functions. First, term limits for all representatives and senators. Second, limit the money that any candidate can receive.

Both ideas are not new. Both would require Constitutional amendments.

Congress is totally dysfunctional and suffers very little support from an important constituency, voters.

Incumbents will be re-elected at a 90 percent rate unless the candidate kills his/her parent. Pelosi and McConnell are collectively age 180. They have been in Congress for 80 of those years.


Congressional districts are the product of gerrymandering by politicians, not the people.

The rhetoric by both parties is stupid and doesn’t solve anything. Comments such as “Right-wing nuts and the radical left” does little to help the development of solutions that this country so desperately needs.

We have been kicking the proverbial can down the road forever. Unless we dare do something that would open the door for more Americans to be “in the game” we still will have a Congress that is far more interested in staying in office and thus retaining their power, rather than representing people.

Maybe we should put issues like abortion and gun control on the general election ballot and see what the electorate decides.

Term limits and campaign finance reform are critical to changing the status quo. It will be challenging and test our collective will. The power of the incumbent is enormous and they have no reason to upset their gravy train. Money drives politics and much more importantly eliminates competition.

What has been written is a huge oversimplification, but I hope it provides food for thought. I must admit that I’m vexed by the notion that all of the world’s great civilizations have crumbled. They have done so from within, not militarily. We really need to refocus.

Ed Olson


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