Letter: Taxpayer is getting bamboozled with high school project

The  school board is not making good decisions to stay within budget.

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Dear Editor,

The school board had a $40 million budget. By all accounts, this amount of money should build a “Taj Mahal” or fantastic high school.

Remember, this new school will be torn down in 50 to 60 years to build another new high school. This is the way it works. When the school board brainstormed ideas to include in the new school, they found that all of these ideas were needed. I have been in on brainstorming sessions before and can tell you that some ideas are pure folly.

To tell us that they included all of these ideas in the new plans, knowing the money was not available, is not being honest with the taxpayers. Then they have the audacity to forward the new school plans with all of the included “brainstormed” ideas and without the athletic facilities upgrade, just to fit the $40 million allotted budget.Now the school board is going to float another $17 million bond to add the athletic facilities upgrade. They think that this end run will get support as they know this feature is needed and should have been part of the main school plan.

The  “brainstormed” options are what should have been scrutinized and screened to include the best options instead of all options. The taxpayer is getting bamboozled. The citizens of Mitchell realize that a new high school and athletic facilities upgrade is needed. But a $40 million budget is very generous.


The  school board is not making good decisions to stay within budget. In 50 to 60 years, when a new high school is needed, Mitchell will be $20 million behind in raising funds because we did not use the present funds appropriately.

Dan Kaup


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