Letter: Suggestions for President Trump

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To the Editor:
Welcome to Rapid City, President Trump. We support your intention to “Make America Great Again.” You have taken a giant leap forward with the Artemis program, which will, as did Apollo before it, act as a science driver for the entire economy.

Here are the next critical areas needing your immediate action:
1. Re-enact Glass-Steagall, separating and protecting commercial from speculative banking; end public bailouts of Wall Street gambling debts.

2. Re-establish a national bank, whose sole purpose is to issue vast amounts of long-term credit for specified physical economic projects: water management, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing.

3. Use the national banking mechanism to selectively fund projects that raise national physical productivity and create 50 million new high-paying jobs in the productive areas of the economy.

4. Mandate a crash program to develop thermonuclear fusion — for power, materials processing and for spacecraft propulsion. Ditch the Green New Deal and the anthropogenic climate-change hoax.


5. Hold a summit with Putin, Xi and Modi to agree to a new Bretton Woods monetary and credit system, to coordinate international cooperation in economic development, including specifically space and a world health care delivery system.

These policies come from Lyndon LaRouche. Exonerate him and let’s go.

Deanna Wieczorek

Mount Vernon

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