Letter: Stay the course with masks

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To the Editor:

I commend the Mitchell School Board for following science, the guidance of the CDC, the Department of Health and just about every other scientific publication produced in the last six months when it comes to wearing masks. Mitchell was on the forefront requiring masks early, and some other school districts followed suit. It’s astonishing to me as our state now leads the nation in COVID spread rate, other schools haven’t followed suit. Frankly, it’s mind boggling. Sadly, not surprising.

The events of the last school board meeting are disheartening to say the least. A patron, knowing full well masks were required, shows up and sits in the front row without a mask. Why? What purpose was there other than to cause trouble? A woman behind him films it all and is vocal throughout the whole ordeal. Watching the video, tell me this wasn’t planned?

A huge hats off to the Mitchell PD. In a world where everything is recorded they showed tremendous restraint during this “show.” Make no mistake about it, this man was resisting orders from the police and not complying. This patron resisted arrest to the point I truly believe being tased on camera over a mask debate was the goal of him and his lady cohort.

I hate the fact that the school district my kids attend isn’t requiring masks. If you hate the fact Mitchell is requiring masks, send your kids somewhere else; this state has open enrollment. I’m sure driving them 25-35 miles every morning and afternoon will be of no issue so they can avoid wearing a mask. That would be a small price to pay on your part for your kids to be “maskless.”


In the meantime, hats off to Mitchell and their School Board. Stay the course.

David Steele


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