Letter: South Dakota’s beauty threatened by wind turbines

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To the Editor:

I read Gov. Kristi Noem’s article where she says, “I think South Dakota is one of the most beautiful places in the world.” The world is a big place. Her policy on wind turbines is to cover the state with them and if the Production Tax Credit is in place, that is exactly what will happen. In Washington, we have Sens. John Thune and Chuck Grassley lobbying the Secretary of the Treasury to get extended perks for the multinational corporations that own wind farms in the next COVID-19 bill. Recently in the Capital Journal, it was reported that the South Dakota cement plant is going to 50 percent wind energy.

Noem calls the Black Hills, “One of the most picture-perfect places on the planet.” Well, not for long. South Dakota taxpayers will soon be dishing out tens of millions of dollars to some multinational or foreign corporation again. When driving through Iowa, Minnesota or Texas and seeing nothing but wind turbines for miles, that scene is coming to South Dakota.

We had a beautiful state; not any longer thanks to the governor and her predecessors. She and Thune make fun of the New Green Deal and then turn around and promote it.

Gregg Hubner



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