Letter: South Dakota has great history of civic engagement on Election Day

South Dakota’s absentee voting processes have long been in place and provide numerous security measures for voters.

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To the Editor:

I wanted to take this opportunity to share important information regarding the upcoming general election, which will be held Nov 8. South Dakota voters have the choice of voting in-person on Election Day or by casting an absentee ballot.

South Dakota’s absentee voting processes have long been in place and provide numerous security measures for voters. Only registered South Dakota voters are eligible to vote absentee. Voters choosing to cast an absentee ballot are encouraged to account for mail processing and delivery times by allowing sufficient time for the return of the ballot to their county auditor.

To request an absentee ballot, voters must submit an absentee ballot application form to your county auditor. As required by state statute, the application form must be notarized or include a photocopy of an acceptable identification card. Voters also have the option to in-person absentee vote with your county auditor up to the day before the election.

The deadline for voter registration in South Dakota is 15 days prior to any election in which you wish to participate. The voter registration deadline for the general election is Oct. 24. If needed, voter registration forms are available on our website or from your county auditor.


Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time on Election Day. As a result of the legislative redistricting process at the state and local levels, some of your voting district information may have changed. To verify your polling location, please contact your county auditor or visit the Voter Information Portal (VIP) page on our website. The VIP page also provides your sample ballot and absentee ballot information.

Our state has a great history of civic engagement that continues today with over 654,000 South Dakota residents currently registered to vote. The goal of all election officials in our state is to ensure every South Dakota voter has access to exercise their right to vote in fair and honest elections. Citizens exercising their right to vote is the foundation of our democracy and I encourage everyone to participate.

Steve Barnett

South Dakota Secretary of State

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