Letter: Reporting on Mitchell Citizens for Progress meeting was slanted smear tactic

The article painted both Art Johnston and Paul Dorr as criminals.

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To the Editor:

Sam Fosness’ Sept. 23, Mitchell Republic article about the Mitchell Citizens for Progress townhall meeting misrepresented the facts.

The article painted both Art Johnston and Paul Dorr as criminals. It failed to mention that Art Johnson gave full disclosure of all his legal battles against oppressive leftist politics, and that Johnston made it clear six (6) times during his hour-long presentation that he was not making an engineering assessment.

The article also failed to report Johnston’s public statement that he was not being paid a dime to come to Mitchell. A true engineering assessment costs in the neighborhood of $50K and is extremely in depth. Thus, the implications of a criminal act by citing the state law is nothing more than a smear campaign.

Also not mentioned was Superintendent Graves agreed to the walk thru observation and that Dr. Graves openly admitted that no assessment of any kind was done on the existing high school (before the school board arbitrarily decided to build a new, extravagant overpriced high school).


In his presentation Mr. Ellwyn Nohr cited his credentials as an engineer and his son’s credentials as an AIA Certified Senior Architect. The fact that his and his son’s views were made long before Art Johnston was even considered to come here supported and gave credibility to Johnston’s personal opinion.

The article failed to mention that Paul Dorr’s record of fighting for citizens’ Constitutional rights, including pro-life rights for innocent unborn babies, inherently subjects him to leftist retaliation, including arrests for peacefully protesting.

Also never addressed was that Mitchell’s Steve Sibson, retired CPA, has repeatedly challenged the accuracy of the school board’s financial data and cost of the proposed new high school even when it was at $42 million.

Objective journalism should report all the facts. Sadly, the article was an egregiously slanted smear tactic and a prime example of the very reason news media is no longer trusted. Journalism should be objective in news reporting.

Dwight Stadler

President, Mitchell Citizens for Progress


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