Letter: Punishment for officer should help restore faith in justice system

Their mistakes count just as much as ours, and they get punished for them just as we do.

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To the Editor:

When I read the newspaper this week there was an article that caught my attention. The title was: “Ex-police officer found guilty in shooting death of Daunte Wright,” published on Jan. 25-26, 2021.

The article was of the incident of April 11, 2021, when Daunte Wright was shot by an officer. The officer intended to grab her stun gun but instead pulled her firearm, and fired a deadly shot. The officer was found guilty of first- and second-degree manslaughter.

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This article showed how one honest mistake can cause death. I am behind the decision that the jury made. The officer made a mistake that took away a life, we trust our law enforcers to keep us safe. In some professions mistakes are easier to overlook then others. There is a reason we train our officers and doctors the way we do. It’s because they hold lives in their hands. It wouldn’t be fair for her to just walk away, because that would make it seam like officers are above the law.


As we all know in the last few years the police haven’t appeared in the news all to positive. People were angry on the fact that they seemed to get away with horrible acts, and a lot of people were under the impression that cops could no longer protect them.

With this finding I believe more faith in our justice system has been restored. The officer was put on trial and prosecuted like any person would have been. This shows that they are not above the law, they just enforce the law. They do this for the people not to them, and at the end of the day they are to protect us. Their mistakes count just as much as ours, and they get punished for them just as we do.

I am glad this article passed by me. It showed equality and most of all that no one is above the law, in the end we all get the same punishments for our mistakes.

Marissa Dornbusch

Wessington Springs

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