LETTER: Preparing for another next school year

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To the Editor:

As we find ourselves embarking upon a new year of exciting opportunities for our students, parents, teachers, and staff in Mitchell, often times we become caught up in these new opportunities and overlook how they came to fruition. With everything going on, it is easy to forget all of the support we have in our daily lives to make these educational opportunities come to pass. It goes without saying that student success is directly dependent upon the leadership of teachers, the effort and desire of the student, the wise direction of administration, the guidance of the school board, the assistance of hundreds of other school employees, the participation of parents, the support provided by the wonderful citizens of Mitchell, and the support and contributions of Mitchell’s businesses.

We have heard of the famous saying, “It takes a village” and that is as true today as in the past. So with those words, we would like to take this opportunity to say we are grateful to all who contribute to the success of Mitchell’s education system.

Now, as teachers are preparing their rooms for the arrival of their students, we encourage the teachers and all of the Mitchell residents to continue to “shop local” and support all of the businesses that every year support the Mitchell School District. Mitchell’s businesses continually sponsor fundraising events so that our students can receive more opportunities in their education.

These same businesses are sponsoring ads for our sporting events and provide merchandise for our teachers and families in town. These businesses donate supplies for our teachers and families so they can start the new school year with all of the tools needed for educational success. These are just a few of the contributions that the Mitchell businesses provide for us. We are so fortunate to live in such a caring, compassionate community. We are appreciative that our community has a deep understanding of and commitment to the work of providing opportunities for our students, parents, teachers, and staff. We are blessed to work in a community that embraces education.


Laretta McPeek and Darrel Anderson

MEA co-presidents


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