Letter: Please, no more lies

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To the Editor:

The West is covered in smoke, ablaze with fires, unprecedented in our history, with a mounting loss of life and property, while our nation — unprepared and politically inadequate — is ravished by a rogue virus. And now we are closing in on an election that will likely have grave consequences that we cannot imagine.

A few years ago, a U.S. senator clowned for the press and his colleagues by tossing a snowball in the chamber and making a joke about global warming, and by voting against any meaningful legislation to address the looming crisis. He demonstrated a profound ignorance of climate science and an inability to treat this threat to his nation and her citizens with the honor and diligence his office demands.

We don’t elect our congress and president just to give them an impressive title and a good career opportunity. We and they should keep this in mind as we search through the ashes of these fires for our loved ones and whatever unburnt bit of our prior life remains, and then return to a virus that has already taken too much from this nation.

Vote this November if your very life depended upon it. No more lies and no more snowballs, please.


Bill Hogan


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