Letter: Opinion column was vindictive

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To the Editor:

On Thursday, Sept. 17, the second page of the Mitchell Republic ran the opinion column by Mike McFeely, and I simply needed to respond.

Over many years I've enjoyed reading the paper and normally enjoy reading the opinion columns and letters to the editor. In doing so, I like to look at multiple sides of issues and especially search for multiple sides of optimistic solutions.

While reading through Mike's absolutely crazy knitting of his article, in the second paragraph he already jumped to compare Jason Ravnsborg’s accident to Gov. Bill Janklow’s and with the stroke of a pen he proceeded to stretch as far as possible in his breach of logic — in rendering his foolish and demeaning connectedness to smear our attorney general.

Mike's vindictiveness simply moves beyond any ethical writing through his delivery of this absurd and caustic diatribe where one can only assume that political undertones have been rendered to be more important than facts — and more important than empathy.


If this is how Mike McFeely is feeling, I suggest we all help him know of our feelings as he has reached out to us and finished the column to freely call McFeely at 701-451-5655.

I will be calling Mike today in the hopes that in the chaos of the world and the cacophony of politicizing every page possible, that we could finally reach beyond that, so that once again we can read the paper with enthusiasm as we read accurately and truthfully about our world’s uplifting empathy – where great lives move forward.

John Claggett


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