LETTER: Neo-Marxism fueling Fascism

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To the Editor:

The media coverage of the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton is a textbook example of how the masses are being manipulated. The narrative is that the shootings were caused by Trump’s racist white nationalism while the truth proves the two shooters were ideological to the Democratic left.

The El Paso shooter allegedly left a manifesto that proves he was a white supremacist Trump supporter fueled by the controversy over the southern border. I read the entire manifesto and was not surprised that the shooter denied being a white supremacist, instead stating that killing or deporting all non-whites would be horrific.

Like the socialist left, the manifesto showed a clear hatred for corporations that were harming the environment. Those same corporations were using illegals for cheap labor that furthered the environmental destruction. The manifesto is clearly aligned with the left’s worldview that the environment is more important than human beings.

Before it was deleted, the Dayton shooter’s Twitter account showed him to be a Satan worshiper who hated Trump and supported the idea of voting for Elisabeth Warren.


Based on the media’s deception, Americans are now focused on infringing on the Second Amendment and promoting the attacks on so-called white supremacists. Recently there have been three young white males arrested who allegedly were planning mass shootings. Where is the left’s outcry that the government is targeting citizens based on race?

Sadly, the left’s cultural Neo-Marxism is promoting the hatred of whites, males, and Bible believing Christians. Because of the deceptions, they do not know they are doing the work of the real white supremacists. It is the Anglo-Saxon global establishment who want to destroy all nation states including America. Their tactic is the use of propaganda designed to divide and conquer America based on race, gender, and sexual immorality.

Like Hitler, the El Paso shooter’s implementation of eugenics was premature. First the global oligarchy requires the dismantling of the Constitution, which the proposed Red Flag laws will go a long way in doing. If passed, we then will have a fascist law justified by racist efforts of leftist Neo-Marxists.

Steve Sibson


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