Letter: More on the Lindell visit

The constitution is words on paper you have to keep the republic, teach the principles to your children.

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To the Editor:

The Mitchell Republic did a fair review of the Frank Rally, however, there were additional key points.

They addressed the core of being an American — faith and community. Eric Metaxas urged those who believe in this country to be on the offensive, speak the truth, do what is right. He stated when you take God out of government and schools, life is no longer sacred and we become dispensable. Eric shared Benjamin Franklin was asked after the 1787 Constitutional Convention, what have we got, a monarchy or a republic? He responded, a republic if you can keep it. If you can keep it, what does that mean? How does freedom work, how does it break down? The constitution is words on paper you have to keep the republic, teach the principles to your children.

Benjamin understood if the people did not live it, it was worthless. We cannot have self-government unless we have people of virtue and faith. Golden triangle — freedom, faith and virtue. Freedom requires virtue, virtue requires faith and faith requires freedom. Freedom is governing yourself, a person of virtue lives by moral standards, does what is right; unless people have virtue they cannot govern themselves. Faith and freedom are intertwined.

GALLERY: Mike Lindell rally at the Corn Palace
Eric stated the separation of church and state means the government cannot control what people believe or prohibit society from exercising their religion in public. We should live out our faith everywhere we go. Without God, we drift toward big government, Marxism — they will tell you what to think.


Corporate media has controlled the news for years, recently big tech companies have censored voices of many conservatives. Each of us have freedom to exercise our first amendment right — freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and the right to petition the government.

Mike Lindell believes God positioned him to address election integrity. He encouraged everyone, regardless of political affiliation, to watch the documentaries at and decide for themselves if there was interference.

He referred anyone fighting addictions to Lindell Recovery Network — LRN, a revolutionary platform to help set addicts free.

Diane Anderson


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