Letter: Misinformation about COVID-19

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To the Editor:

I really like Terry Woster, but I question his opinion being placed on the front page of the April 4 issue of this paper and presented as factual with the heading, “Misinformation — more deadly than the virus.”

I agree with Woster it is wrong to send death threats to Dr. Anthony Fauci, but it may prove out to be very deadly to worship Fauci as god. His positions against the general public wearing masks and against using anti-malaria drugs should be challenged.

Fauci led the mantra that chloroquine has not been proven. The French provided a clinical study that proves it does have a huge impact on COVID-19, but more data is needed to determine the exact degree of benefit. Instead the medical focus has been on ventilators, which have been proven to be less than 40 percent effective at most, and have some serious side effects.

What the media doesn’t tell us is that Fauci’s National Institute of Health has partnered with Bill Gates to develop a vaccine with Moderna. Within weeks they produced a vaccine based on a formula that is supposed to represent COVID-19, which was put on the internet by the Chinese. The NIH is currently shooting up healthy people to see what side effects come up, as this experimental drug is truly unproven.


Clearly Fauci involvement with Gates and Moderna presents a conflict of interest that has him downplaying a treatment that has been used for decades, whose side effects are minimal and well known, and studies in China, France, Australia and in other places have shown it to be effective in perhaps preventing the need to put masses of people on a ventilator with dire expectations of survival.

Hospitals, and not doctors, under the control of government, decide when the anti-malaria drug in combination with antibiotics can be used to treat severe cases of COVID-19. Woster may not want to hear that “deep state” actors are controlling our government, but in this case, government paid Fauci is being influenced by globalist Bill Gates, who is a big fish within the Deep State.

Steve Sibson


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