Letter: Mind your business on masks

If it is in the cards for me to get this virus, so be it. I’ll deal with it if I get it.

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To the editor:

This letter is in response to the editorials in Saturday’s paper, dated Dec. 5.

To the person who wrote about Mitchell enforcing the mask mandate, my question to them is, “Who died and left you in charge?” For going up to someone and saying something to them about wearing a mask, in my opinion, was pretty bossy. Maybe those folks had a reason for not wearing a mask. Not everyone is running scared of COVID-19.

I for one, am not running scared. I feel that I should have the right to decide whether to wear a mask or not. And I would think the police would have better things to do than going into businesses to check on who is wearing a mask. And what would they do? Give them a ticket or escort them out? Seems to me that is going a little overboard.

And if that be the case, then what is next? Having a stay-at-home order like California? Some folks do not have the luxury of having a job that they can do at home. Others may not have the luxury of having home deliveries. I don’t see my groceries being delivered to my house because I live out of town. And if I’m told to stay at home, I could not work there, for I would not have an income to pay for groceries.


I think that the mask mandate should be up to the individual and not pushed on them. To me it seems like this is one more step toward losing more of our freedom. If it is in the cards for me to get this virus, so be it. I’ll deal with it if I get it. I’m not going to coward down in a corner or hide under the bed. To me, the bottom line is someday we all will meet our maker, whether we are healthy as a horse or sick as a dog. So for all of those tunnel vision who can’t seem to see the whole picture, just mind your own business.

Jim Nichols


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