Letter: McGovern column was a great addition to the newspaper

Last week there was an article about George McGovern, by Joel Allen.

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To the Editor:

We wanted to let you know how far the reach of your paper goes. My mother, Adelaide Mayer, lived in Mitchell until she was 98 years old, at which point she moved in with us in Baltimore. She just turned 104.

We get the Mitchell Republic delivered to us here in Baltimore, and we always read the obituaries, and from time to time we see an article that catches her eye. Actually, my eye because her vision is pretty bad.

Last week there was an article about George McGovern, by Joel Allen. As is often the case, I read it out loud to her. It touched her deeply as she knew George McGovern — but I guess everyone in Mitchell did. She agreed wholeheartedly with everything in the article. It put a smile on her face and gave us all warm memories, especially of eating at Chef Louie's Steakhouse, where we would sometimes see George.

Paul and Martha Dougherty
Baltimore, Maryland

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