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Letter: Look beyond the far-left propaganda spews

Finally, the blind, irrational and intense hatred of Donald Trump and Republicans is abundantly clear in the author’s letter

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To the Editor:

A letter to the editor titled “ Pay attention to what Republicans are doing ” posted Dec. 31, 2021, is misguided, unsubstantiated opinion.

The 2020 election outcome remains intense and divisive. Unquestionably, election fraud and corruption favoring Mr. Biden was discovered and exposed, according to FOX News, Epoch Times and One America News Network. Whether it was sufficient to steal the election remains controversial.

COVID vaccine effectiveness is also controversial as numerous people fully vaccinated with boosters, including high profile VIPs, have died from COVID.

More importantly is the failure to recognize that COVID is a virus, and there is no cure for viruses. If such were so, the flu would have been eradicated decades ago. I believe COVID is here to stay, and each year we all will have to deal with its intrusion into our lives, just as we do with the flu, no thanks to China. The real tragedy is the fear mongering abuse of COVID to further the Marxist movement for political power and control. Look no further than the “rules for thee, but not for me” actions of far-left politicians currently in office.


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Finally, the blind, irrational and intense hatred of Donald Trump and Republicans is abundantly clear in the author’s letter. Regardless, painfully apparent are the actual negative repercussions of the current Democrat controlled government actions at local, state, and national levels.

Whether Republican or Democrat, if one believes America is and should remain a free and sovereign nation supported by the U.S. Constitution, looking beyond the daily bombardment of false far-left propaganda mainstream media spews forth is crucial. One must seek objective substantiated facts. Otherwise, we are doomed to a tyrannical, oppressive regime as is demonstrated in cities and states such as Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, California, and New York.

Dwight Stadler


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