Letter: Keep up the great work, parents

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To the Editor:

The Mitchell Education Association would like to tell the Mitchell community, “We appreciate you.” Never in our lifetime would we have imagined our world would have to endure this. That social distancing, COVID-19 and eLearning would have been in our daily language. Even though our world has been flipped upside down, one thing remains constant; support.

The support that we have seen shows our community that at the end of this we will be stronger and more appreciative. Parents and teachers are working even closer together to make sure that their “kids” will receive a quality education during eLearning. Citizens, with what little they may have, are supporting businesses, big and small, so that they can provide an income for their employees. Neighbors are reaching out to each other to make sure they are OK.

As educators, we have always felt supported by our students’ parents, but now it is our turn to support them. Giving them a pat on the back and encouragement that they need to help their child learn at home. We have never been more proud of our students’ families.

We believe that with the support we are finding in our community, we will be triumphant in the end. It takes a community to support a community and we are proud to live in the community of Mitchell.


Chad Lentsch, Darrel Anderson, Laretta McPeek

Mitchell Education Association presidents

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