LETTER: If you're stopped by police, don't put up a struggle

'Personally, if I was stopped, I wouldn't fight it.'

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To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the letter by Marissa Dornbusch that was published Jan.8, 2022. I some what agree with the letter except if Mr. Wright wasn't or hasn't done anything wrong that caught the eyes of the police, he would not have been confronted by the police.

But apparently, he was or have done something. And if Mr. Wright didn't struggle with police and tried to get into his car and get away, he would probably be alive today.

What the officer did was a tragic mistake and I feel sorry for both parties, but again he struggled with the officers and with that a major mistake was made and a life was lost. But in the heat of the struggle, you don't have a lot time to think, just react.

When someone is stopped by the police and they start struggling with the police, what options do the police have? Do they continue to struggle and hope that everything turns out right or do they just step back, throw their hands up and let them go? I agree that the officers are not above the law, but neither are the ones who break the law.


The police seems to have their hands tied because if they struggle with a law breaker and something bad happens, they get arrested and tried. On the other hand if they just simply let them go at the first sign of a struggle, then everybody will think they are a bad cop. What to do? Personally, if I was stopped, I wouldn't fight it. I would rather go to jail and be alive than be injured or worse, dead.

Jim Nichols, Ethan

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